World of Warcraft: a list of general and class add-ons that will help you to succeed in the game

If we would have told many years ago World of Warcraft players that there are tons of add-ons available to make their life easier, they wouldn’t believe us. Fortunately, playing your favorite games has become much easier today.

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In this article, we will talk about useful add-ons that you can’t do without, as well as add-ons for various classes in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

General add-ons


AtlasLootClassic is an add-on that contains information about all the items in the game, including equipment kits, mounts, recipes for professions, and weapons. The add-on has search tools, sorting things, and a fitting room. There you will find hints on where to look for a particular item, you can see the full list of loot from raid/dungeon bosses, and much more.


SilverDragon is one of the best add-ons for finding rare monsters in WoW. During the exploration of locations, it will warn you with audio and visual signals that there is an elite enemy nearby, from which valuable items fall out. SilverDragon searches for rare items by their names, icons, the cursor pointed at them, etc., even if you are an AFK.


Clique is an add-on that allows you to create and save all kinds of combinations of mouse and keyboard buttons so that it is easier for you to use your skills, macros, consumable items, and so on. This addon is equally useful for both PvP and PvP in WotLK. It is easy to set up and is suitable even for beginners.


GatherMate2 is an indispensable add-on for players engaged in gathering. It marks ore and grass collection points, fishing spots, treasure chests, etc. on the main and mini-map. In addition, it allows you to import data from Wowhead in addition to GatherMate2_Data Wowhead Classic.

Leatrix Plus

Leatrix Plus is a set of modules that greatly simplify gameplay in World of Warcraft. The add-on includes tools for automatic delivery of quests, auto-sale of garbage from inventory when talking to NPC merchants, blocking offers to participate in a duel, joining a group, mini-map settings, chat windows, etc.

Class add-ons


NugEnergy is an add-on that adds an improved indicator of a Warrior’s class resource to the screen. It can be customized according to your preferences. To open the window for changing the indicator parameters, use the command /nen.


PallyPower is an addon exclusively for the Paladin class. It simplifies tracking of blessings on allies, allows you to apply positive effects on players in a raid/group with one click, and notifies that the duration of your buff will end soon and it needs to be updated. It offers a lot of settings, special macros for paladins, and the ability to use keyboard shortcuts.


Decursive is a very useful addon for healers in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. With its help, you will quickly remove negative effects from members of your group/raid, you will be able to independently choose in which cases you do not need to use the dispel, set priorities for dispelling debuffs from allies, etc.


Feral is an add-on for druids “The Power of the Beast”, who have upgraded their specialization for tanking in raids and dungeons. It calculates buffs/debuffs on the character and gives recommendations on the use of skills.


Portal Mage is a simple addon that collects all the portals of the magician together and displays them as a separate panel on the screen in the World of Warcraft. The panel with portals can be moved and configured.


WarlockUtilities is a set of tools for a Warlock in WoW. It allows you to create health stones with one click, organize the fragments in the inventory, facilitate pet management, and use a separate window with class information.


Poisoner adds a panel to the screen with which you can track information about the poisons you have. The panel can be customized and dragged across the screen in WotLK.


WeaponSwingTimer adds panels on which you can track the time of the auto-attack and the use of Hunter abilities. They can be customized and dragged across the screen. It is a very useful add-on for gamers with Hunter characters.

Death Knight

Magic Runes is an add-on that creates a separate panel on the screen with information about the Death Knight’s runes. It can be used as a replacement for the standard rune indicator, or as an addition to it.

By using all these add-ons, your game will become much easier. These are legal add-ons that are not prohibited and are used by players around the world. So it becomes much more interesting to participate in the storylines of the World of Warcraft universe and you can try all its extensions – even Dragonflight, which was released recently.

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