With this 20,000-euro e-motorbike, the body is made of flaxseed

The "Scrambler" edition of the E-Motorcycle Luna by Tarform.

Environmentally conscious motorists have long been able to choose from a fairly wide range of electric cars – from tiny city cars to medium-sized sedans to luxury SUVs. The market for battery-powered motorcycles is nowhere near as large, only at greater intervals interesting new models come onto the road.

One example is the sleek retro-style Electric Motorcycles from Brooklyn-based startup Tarform’s Luna series. You have just received the first road approvals. The models – Racer and Scrambler – are supposed to look like cool old-school bikes, but combine this with the latest technology and sustainable materials. An example: the bikes are reminiscent of Café Racer from the 60s, but their body is made of flaxseed.

In the pursuit of environmental sustainability, Tarform has also used materials such as vegan leather replacements for the seat and recycled aluminium for components. Instead of scrapping the bikes after a few years, Tarform wants only the old components to be replaced.

All information about the Luna models of Tarform can be found here:

Tarform Luna: All information about sustainable e-bikes

This article has been translated and revised from English. You read the original Here.

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