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What is Robux

The reason why you are here is probably you are looking for the answer to what is Robux. So stay calm because after reading this article, you won’t have to go c through other articles and blogs for further information because I am going to explain this whole thing with explanations. Nothing is shocking to know that Robux is a digital currency that is used for purchasing games or games that offer extra features but first, you have to spend some Robux, only then do you get access to those features. 

If you are a gaming enthusiast, I suppose you know about Roblox, but if you don’t, then don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you. It’s an online gaming platform and a system used to create games. This platform allows you to either develop games or play games already developed by others on Roblox. More than half of kids under 16 in the US played Roblox in 2020, even world-famous organizations and celebrities are talking about it, and some of these well-known names include The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and New York times. Despite Roblox’s sprawling popularity, some people still don’t know what it is. 

What is Robux?- and Roblox

Before answering what is Robux, it is essential to first know about Roblox in more detail. As mentioned earlier it’s a platform where there are tons of games developed and played by people though some of them are free while others are paid, some of these games are also a kind of hybrid where users can play a game for free in case they want to gain access to premium features then they need to spend some money for that – Robux.

Although everyone who develops the game on Roblox is wishing to launch their games, the facts are saying that things are otherwise. A specific proportion of games can qualify for active development, which means that those games can be played; furthermore, Roblox develops games for various scenarios. This means that you will find games on Roblox that target personal computer users, tablet users, and Xbox users as well- what is Robux?

Now that you have a sound idea of what Roblox is, you are prepared to get the answer to what is Robux. It is a digital currency that you can use to purchase simple games (which are paid), and hybrid games (these games are free and paid at the same). Simple games that require Robux are paid games, and you can’t get access to them until you pay their stated amount, on the contrary, hybrid games are those games that you can download and play for free; however, there are some features locked and in case you wish to get access to them then you will have to pay for those features prior to unlocking them.

As you can see, here are two major ways in which gamers earn money and want you to pay either for the whole game or for some of their features. So if you ever wonder how to pay for those games then remember that Roblox games want you to pay via their digital currency called Robux.

Do you want to get Robux?

Since you learned about Roblox-that is a platform formed to develop games, and what is Robux- a digital currency used for purchasing games or some of their features, you may ponder how to get this currency in case you want to purchase Roblox products. There are two ways in which you can get Robux.

The first way of getting Robux is free but takes a long time and you will have to put in extra energy, time, and effort. In this way you need to have gift cards that are available in most of the major supermarkets, those gift cards have codes that you need to redeem online to get free Robux. However, if you choose to get them in a quicker way, where you can get them with a few clicks then you will have to spend real money to purchase Robux. To purchase Robux, go to Roblox’s official page and locate the Buy Robux page and follow the instructions that are mentioned there.

Earning Robux for free

You can also earn Robux for free (apart from gift cards), but this could be a bit complex as compared to gift cards and purchasing with real money; although, it is fun at the same time too.

To earn free Robux, you can play a game and entertain items such as clothing which you can sell to other players and in return, they will pay you Robux, another way of earning free Robux is developing an entire game and either publishing it as a paid game or offer the option of unlocking premium features by spending Robux- this is a complex task but it has a higher potential of earning more Robux. 

The easiest way of earning free Robux is to create clothing on this platform, in this way you can also earn Robux, but how? Well, there is great demand for clothing on Roblox and for that reason, the platform has also a free template for items of clothing such as t-shirts, and pants. With the help of this template, you can design your clothes and then offer them to other players that are added to your Roblox group. So the more people purchase your designed clothes, the more you will earn as a result- what is Robux?

How to get access to Roblox?

To get access to Roblox, you will need to purchase its subscription. There are various monthly subscriptions, and you can choose whichever suits you better by considering the level of access you want to get as a result. The lowest subscription at Roblox is worth £4.59 for a month, on the other hand, the most expensive monthly subscription costs £18/49.

Depending on which subscription you have purchased, you will get a handful of Robux each month not to mention getting access to premium-only items and discounts offered by the platform. If you want to purchase more Robux, apart from what the platform offers with your chosen subscription, you can do so; even Roblox offers a 10% discount on online purchases to encourage you to make purchases. 

Moreover, premium subscribers are capable of trading items with their counterparts, and those who do not have a premium subscription are not allowed to do so. Roblox also encourages gamers to offer some of the locked features and discounts in their games, and you can avail of those discounts in case you are a premium subscriber of Roblox. When our subscription ends, the platform will bill you, and after accepting it, you will again get a handful of Robux- hopefully, you understand what is Robux, and continue with the features and benefits that free members can’t access.

How to redeem a gift card?

In the earlier section you learned what is Robux and how you can get them for free; furthermore I showed you that you can get them for free via gift cards that are available in the supermarkets. But do you want to know how to redeem those gift cards? 

Well, in case you purchase Robux using real money, the currency will automatically add up to your Roblox account, similarly, the Robux on your gift card will also add up to your account. So if you have gift cards, simply go to the redeem area that is available on their official website.

What to purchase with Robux

You have so far learned what is Robux, next you may wonder how much Robux will be required for purchasing a game or in-game purchases, then remember that each development has set its prices and there is no specific figure that can give you an overall estimate of the minimum amount of Robux. In case you want to know what things you can purchase with Roblox then remember that there are lots of other things that are allowed for users to purchase other than purchasing the game or in-game purchases. The other things that you can purchase with Roblox include premium servers, and other items on the platform such as clothing. 

Different games that are developed on Roblox offer different features for example some games might offer boosts, skins, magic shoes, premium weapons, and so on to add more to your gaming experience, but for that, you will have to use Robux, and once you purchase them there will a pop-up asking you to confirm that you agree willing to use Robux; furthermore, it will also tell you how much Robux is required for purchase and how much you are left with. For a brief idea, in case you don’t know what Robux is, consider that Roblox is a market where numerous products are available, and for consideration, you will have to spend Robux so that those items come in your possession.

Spending on avatars

The majority of gaming enthusiasts want their avatar to stand out among others, and that’s why they might not worry about how much Robux costs. There are numerous accessories available that can make your avatar look cool. These accessories range from expensive clothes to hoodies, swirls, hairstyles, jackets, shoes, pets, glasses, caps, belts, backpacks, weapons, abilities, and emotes. This means that when it comes to customization of an avatar there is no end to it and you can make it as much cooler as you want. But remember that such features come at a cost, so prior to making any purchase, make sure you have enough Robux in your account.

By purchasing these extra accessories, your avatar will be equipped with premium features and accessories; furthermore, you will be able to easily pass missions or achieve whatever goals are set by the developer in the game. When you have Robux in your account, there is no end to it when it comes to how you want to spend them. Robux is also used for promoting your groups since Roblox allows you to advertise your game or group by putting banner ads on the site or any other promotional place on Roblox. 

Be aware of scammers

So you know what is Robux, and that might make you worry that someone is scamming you and taking all your digital money. No doubt without the presence of the internet, things would not be as easy as they are today, and it has made the life of people extremely easier across the globe; however, it has also brought threats to people’s privacy and even their families and businesses. The same is the case with Roblox. In the beginning, some individuals would use scam bots that were programmed to steal people’s data, such as seeking access to the account to get personal data such as passwords.

These scam bots would copy other gamers’ avatars and profile names to cheat other spectators. Roblox continuously strives harder to eliminate such scammers from their platform and they have been successful while doing so but up to some extent as some of them are still there and continuously try to scam users. Other than these bots, some individuals and groups also use scam games and convince users to either sign up or purchase those games, in this way, they steal your data and get access to whatever you have on your account.

Scammers are everywhere; you will sometimes find them with players’ fake lists where they will pretend as official staff members of the platform to make you believe in them, and join them in games. Though identifying them is not easy, some indicators will show you whether they are bots, scammers, or real spectators. For example, most of the time, bots have auto-generated names such as aBqqR1571U34, and the worst part about these scammers is that it doesn’t matter if you report them since they are available in a massive number.

Final words

What is Robux- in today’s modern era when currencies are shifting from physical to digital shape everyone is trying to change their conventional mode of payments. The same strategy was followed by Roblox and they introduced a new currency called Robux. Users can use this currency to purchase everything available on Robux such as avatars, in-game features, or even buy the whole game to play.

However, things are not limited to these three things because there are so many other things that users can buy with Robux explained in detail earlier in this blog.

There are various ways of earning Robux some are while the rest are paid which means that you can get Robux for paying real money.

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