What are the greatest free and easy-to-use email signature generators available online?

Do you have an email signature put in place to link to your outgoing emails instantly? Email signatures include information about your company, and contact information, and can even be used as a marketing or promotional. A terrible email signature, on the other hand, can cause issues such as making you appear unprofessional or making it difficult for others to contact you or discover your business online. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top email signature generators to help you create a professional email signature that looks amazing, creates a fantastic first impression, and draw traffic to your social media accounts and website.

What is the purpose of an email signature?

An email signature is a chunk of text that appears at the bottom of your outgoing emails and may include a picture. Email signatures frequently include your name, company, and contact information such as phone number, address, and website.

What is an Email Signature Generator and how does it function?

An email signature generator is a piece of software that allows you to create a personalized signature for use in emails. There are some em ail signature generators to choose from, some of which are even free. You may use them to create elegant and professional email signatures that not only transmit the information your email recipients require remaining in touch, but also look great.

The advantages of using an Email Signature

We’ve previously discussed a few advantages of having a professional-looking email signature, but here are a few more!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

An email signature that is well-crafted and well-designed can:

  • Make your email pop out in a crowded inbox.
  • Give recipients a simple method to contact you.
  • Make your most recent promotional offerings stand out.
  • Boost your company’s authenticity and reputation.
  • Boost brand recognition
  • Build your audience’s trust.
  • Make a professional impression.

How to make an Email Signature that looks professional

Let’s speak about how to make your email signature before we go into our selection of the top email signature generators. It’s crucial to add a signature in your messages, whether you utilize an email signature generator.

To make a professional email signature, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your email signature is legible on both mobile and desktop computers.
  • Use UTM codes to track the use of your signature’s links, and add links to make particular components clickable.
  • To make particular features of your signature stand out, use basic typefaces and only a few colors.
  • Your name, contact details, work title, and company should all be included.

The Best Email Signature Generators

Many artists, marketers, and influencers use the finest email signature generators to create a professional and well-designed email signature. These are the ones we’re currently smitten with.


One of the most popular tools on our list is Designhill, a creative marketplace that includes a free email signature generator. You just enter your information, select a theme, and your new signature is ready to be inserted into your email account.

MailSignatures by CodeTwo

CodeTwo’s MailSignatures is a basic HTML signature generator. It allows you to fill in information such as your first and last names, phone numbers, work desk number, email address, and job titles. You may also include corporate information, URLs for custom artwork, color, type, and font selections, and social network profile connections.

After you’ve entered your data, you can choose from a variety of templates to create the right look and feel for your new signature. There are 42 layouts to choose from right now, with some of them allowing you to add a profile photo for a more personalized appearance. Your new signature will also work on Exchange Online, Exchange Server, Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook365, and Outlook.

Email Signature Rescue

With over 60 adjustable designs, Email Signature Rescue is one of the more powerful email signature generators on our list. It’s one of the best solutions for small businesses because it integrates with over 60 email clients, has over 120,000 social networking icons, and even offers assistance. Plus, from your account dashboard, you can change signatures automatically!


Signature.email is a versatile, simple-to-use email signature generator that will be valuable to everyone from solopreneurs to agencies to designers. Simply begin with a template, alter the colors and fonts, arrange the information as desired, and add extra fields and sections to achieve the desired design. The editor in the free plan is limited.

Signature Creator

Signature Creator is one of the more straightforward email signature generators on our list, but it’s ideal for producing an HTML5 email signature that works across all contemporary browsers. It’s a simple tool, but it’s effective for quickly establishing a professional-looking email signature. Attention: the signatures are only visible for 15 minutes on the server, so take advantage of it while you can!


WiseStamp is another of our list’s most popular email signature generators. It features a variety of layouts that you can change to fit your branding, add social network connections, photos, and more. It’s a terrific solution for solopreneurs through enterprise businesses. Only a few templates are available in the free plan. WiseStamp will also walk you through the process of installing your new signature in your email client.


Si.gnatu.re is a simple email signature generator with a lot of design and modification choices. You may alter font sizes and typefaces, add your logo, insert social icons, alter the backdrop, signature width, and more. The free plan is quite limited, and you may only change it for 30 days.


Newoldstamp is an email signature generator that allows you to add applications, social icons, and your name and contact information to your signature. You may include promotional banners in your signature, as well as a call to action (CTA) or links to relevant pages you want your receivers to see. You’ll be able to access and control all of your team members from a single location if you have one. This makes it easy to keep your branding under control.


Gimm.io is one of the greatest email signature generators, owing to the enormous variety of professional designs (40+) that are offered for free. Many web design businesses, according to their website, use Gimm.io’s white-labeled Gimm.io to provide email signature creation services for their clientele.


MySignature is an email signature generator that allows users to generate customized email signatures using a range of themes. There’s certain to be a design that fits your branding needs. You may change your design to create a mobile-friendly email signature that works with Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, and other major email clients once you’ve chosen one.


HubSpot’s email signature generator is only one of the marketing platform’s numerous features. This free email signature maker comes with a variety of templates to help you get started. Add your information, adjust the colors and fonts, upload a photo, and connect to the social networking channels you choose to use. In under five minutes, you can create a professional-looking email signature that you can then copy and paste into your email program.

Best Practices for Email Signatures

The importance of your email signature cannot be overstated. It demonstrates professionalism, establishes trust, makes it easy for recipients to reach you, and raises brand recognition. That’s why it’s critical to create an email signature that appears professional and has all the information you need to communicate. But how can you know you’re making the finest email signature possible? Here, we’ll discuss email signatures the best practices, and techniques for making your signatures more appealing, informative, and helpful.

Make two distinct email signatures

It’s a good idea to have two email signatures. You’ll want to make one for your outgoing messages first. This is the more elaborate version, which contains photos, branding, all of your contact details, a call to action, and so on. One for responses and forwarding is the second email signature you’ll want to have. This one will be straightforward, generally consisting of only your name or your name and contact information.

Maintain a consistent font style

You most likely have a set of brand typefaces that you utilize across the board. You don’t need to put any effort into your email signature. If the individuals who are reading your email don’t have the font you used for your signature, they will see a fallback font, thus it’s pointless to be concerned. Simply choose a basic, easy-to-read typeface. Change the color, size, or make the text bold to make various areas of your signature stand out instead of using a separate font.

Include your contact information

One of the most significant reasons to have an email signature in your outgoing emails is to provide your receivers with different contact options. As a result, you should include contact information in your email signatures. When including facts like your email address, website, or other links, make sure they’re clickable, so recipients can get to the information as quickly as feasible.

Include a picture

Including a photo of yourself in your email signature is a terrific way to personalize your correspondence. People appreciate the fact that they are speaking with a live person. You have the option of including your company logo or both! Regardless of what you pick, the photographs should just be a portion of your signature, not the whole thing. This implies you shouldn’t include an image file that has your signature information visible on it. To begin, you are only allowed to use one link from the image. Furthermore, some email systems automatically restrict photos. Your receivers may not be able to view your complete email signature if it is an image.