Visual Studio 2015 failed to create and edit c++ projects

I have a trouble with C++ projects in Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.

First of all I cannot create new c++ project (simple console application). When I click on “OK” button in “New Project” wizard the window hide and show up again. (Nothing happened)

Window 1

Second problem. When I open existing project and try to edit C++ setting I only see “Configuration Properties”.

Window 2

I’ve already tried “Repair” in VS2015 intaller and it doesn’t help. Can anyone help me?

Enquirer: Vbif


Solution #1:

According the official site, this is a ugly and strange bug of some VS updates:

In some cases, applying Updates to VS 2015 can cause the optional feature selections for Visual C++ (e.g. Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015) to become deselected and uninstalled. This issue can be resolved by re-selecting the required Visual C++ features in the Visual Studio 2015 setup dialog.

  1. In “Programs and Features” (Add/Remove Programs), select “Microsoft Visual Studio 2015”, then click “Change”.
  2. In the Visual Studio setup dialog, click “Modify”
  3. Select/check “Programming Languages->Visual C++->Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015” and other features under “Programming Languages->Visual C++”, as appropriate.
  4. Click “UPDATE”.
Respondent: Interian

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