Transform URL string into normal string in Python (%20 to space etc)

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Is there any way in Python to transform this %CE%B1%CE%BB%20 into this ?? which is its real representation?

For python 2:

>>> import urllib2
>>> print urllib2.unquote("%CE%B1%CE%BB%20")

For python 3:

>>> from urllib.parse import unquote
>>> print(unquote("%CE%B1%CE%BB%20"))

And here’s code that works in all versions:

    from urllib import unquote
except ImportError:
    from urllib.parse import unquote


There are two encodings in play here. Your string has first been encoded as UTF-8, then each byte has been percent-encoded.

To get the original string back you need to first unquote it, and then decode it:

>>> import urllib
>>> s="%CE%B1%CE%BB%20"
>>> result = urllib.unquote(s).decode('utf8')
>>> print result

Note that you need a Unicode enabled console in order to display the value (if you get an error with the print statement, try running it in IDLE).

python 3 answer

import urllib 

'/El Niño/'


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