Top 3 best cryptocurrency in 2022 for online investment

Top 3 best cryptocurrency in 2022 for online investment

Binance’s :

The first coin is going to be Binance’s token or BnB. I have to say finance is ranked number five on the coin market cap with a market cap of 48 billion. But the big thing that’s going behind the scenes many people don’t know is that their CEO, chang bang Zhao is getting aggressive with investments in other projects. Because right now, crypto projects are struggling bad, and they need money to stay afloat.

So what Binance is doing is they’re coming in and buying up all these smaller projects for dirt cheap that have a lot of potentials to grow. When we enter the bull market, Binance will have all these projects under its belt, ready to deploy, and as we all know, news sells.

So i can imagine them pushing out all these new things they’ll be starting causing the price of their coin to increase as well now. Binance is also one of those companies where we don’t need to be worried about if they go bankrupt, celsius because last the year they did 20 billion dollars now as i mentioned, this is more of that safer option Binance is currently around 300. So we probably won’t see that 1020x but you will see that maybe 2 to 4x on your money and you also have that peace of mind knowing that your money will be safe and it won’t disappear overnight

Avalanche :

The next safer option is avax or avalanche now avalanche is a blockchain that easily allows developers to build depth or decentralize applications. Now this past year they’ve done 130 million dollars in revenue and they are number two in blockchain in terms of revenue behind Ethereum. Now the reason why i think avalanche will do really well is because it allows developers to build Ethereum-based apps seamlessly and with Ethereum.

Having the merge coming up and potentially having tons of new users having a platform like avalanche where people can come and develop easily will be super beneficial.

With the influx of new people that’ll have a positive return on the price as well avalanche is currently about 23. But, it did have an the all-time high of about 140 they also just had their best month ever in terms of monthly transactions and they just got added to the wisdom trees exchange-traded product man. What a mouthful uh which is going to give traditional investors more exposure to the company aka more money flowing in and higher prices for avalanche.

File coin :

The next coin is going to be filocoin now i know this is another coin a lot of people already know but again just hear me out filecoin is currently priced at around six dollars with an all-time high of close to 200. Now this coin has insane potential and it has a potential of just 33 exiting to go back to its all-time high and like i said I know a lot of people already know this but I don’t think a lot of people know the potential this coin has.

See, file coin is all about storing data in a decentralized way basically, today how companies store data is that they use platforms like google or amazon to store it and then google or amazon will go out and build massive server warehouses to do this the problem. With this is the servers that they build are centralized, so if you’re on the west coast in your servers on the east coast, you’ll have performance issues and not to mention.

 how long it’ll take for you to access your data because it’s so far also, centralized servers are prone to natural disasters like tornadoes or floods. So if your server ever gets knocked out by any natural disaster, well, you can say bye-bye to all your data and for some big companies that’s a huge issue, and that’s the issue that filecoin is trying to solve.

Their idea is to have someone like you or me be able to allow a big company to store their data on our personal computers, and we’d be able to get paid for it now. Obviously, this data would be encrypted so we can never see what’s on it, but it solves the issue of having companies’ data all in one spot. This also makes storing data for them a lot cheaper because it brings more servers into the space and it also allows individuals like us to get paid for it all right.

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