These are the 10 best-selling computer games

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With the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, two real highlights await us in 2020. But also the good old computer has a lot to offer in terms of gaming. So there are a lot of computer games that can be played on the PC.

The Top Ten Computer Games on Amazon

Which computer games are particularly popular right now? This can be easily researched on Amazon under the menu item Bestseller, where we found these ten gaming sales hits. Here are the best-selling computer games on Amazon (as of August 4, 2020):

10. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

“Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” – Standard Edition – 19.49 Euro on Amazon*

The Assassins Creed series is extremely successful not only on consoles, but also on the PC. After Italy, the Caribbean, London and Egypt, this time you are scouring Greece. The game world is too big and full of possibilities like no part of the series before.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

“Age of Empires” – Definitive Edition – 19.99 Euro on Amazon*

“Age of Empires” is one of the best and best-known real-time strategy series in PC history. In the first part of the series from 1997, you fight through different epochs with your civilization and continue to develop them. The improved new edition is again very successful and captivates many fans in front of the PC.

8. Anno 1800

“Anno 1800” – special edition (incl. soundtrack and lithographs) – 38.79 Euro on Amazon*

What “Age of Empires” is for the real-time strategy is “Anno” for the build strategy. As the title suggests, the most recent part is set in 1800 at the time of the Industrial Revolution. As a player, you need to explore, colonize, and create thriving economic cycles in a new world. The typical “Anno” principle still captivates the PC just as much today as it did in the first part of 1998.

7. The Settlers History Collection

“The Settlers: History Collection” – €27.85 on Amazon*

The fact that strategy games are mainly based on the PC is more than clear in the Amazon bestsellers. Also in the venerable “Settlers” series, their building is built and ensures a steady supply of goods, food and weapons. In the “History Collection” you can replay all seven parts of the series, which delights both nostalgic and fans of the newer series parts.

6. Farming Simulator 19

“Agriculture Simulator 19” – Standard – 14.99 Euro on Amazon*

In addition to strategy games, simulations are also successful, especially on the PC. In the “Agriculture Simulator” the player as a farmer has to build his own farm, including fields and farm animals. More than 300 vehicles are available. This series has a huge fan base on the PC, which is also reflected in the sales figures.

5. World of Warcraft

“World of Warcraft” – GameCard (60 days pre-paid) -26.99 Euro on Amazon*

“WoW” is probably also known to any non-gamer. The online role-playing game has become a cultural phenomenon and still attracts enough players into its world after more than 15 years. Just before the release of the latest expansion “Shadowlands” many players are currently returning to “WoW”.

4. The Sims 4

“The Sims 4” – Standard Edition – 22.29 Euro on Amazon*

“The Sims” is the everyday simulator par excellence. You build a house, set up your own household, enter into relationships, start a family, look for a job and do everything else you encounter in normal life. Occasional players in particular can identify with this, which has helped the series to great success for years.

3rd New World

“New World” – Deluxe Edition – €48.75 on Amazon*

Yes, Amazon not only sells video games, but also develops them itself. The first major project is “New World”, an online role-playing game that contains fantasy, horror and medieval elements. Despite some problems with the server release, the game seems to have become a success for Amazon.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator

“Microsoft Flight Simulator” – Premium Deluxe Edition – €129.99 on Amazon*

And another simulation game. The “Flight Simulator” series dates back to 1982. The player sits in different aircraft cockpits, modelled on real models, and controls airports and runways around the world on his flight routes, which are also modelled on the real models.

1. Battlefield V

“Battlefield V” – Standard Edition – €14.61 on Amazon*

The fact that the latest installment of the “Battlefield” series is currently at number one is probably mainly due to a discount promotion from Amazon. For a short time you could buy the game for less than ten euros. But the current price of just under 15.00 euros is also impressive. “Battlefield” has been competing for the shooter throne for years with “Call of Duty”, especially online the latest “Battlefield” part is very popular.

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Disclaimer: We are looking for products for you that we believe you like. The selection is subjective but editorially independent. We have affiliate partnerships, i.e. if you make a purchase via a star-marked link, we get a small commission. Our recommendations and the selection of products are not affected by this. The content is also independent of our advertising marketing. Our guidelines for journalistic independence can be found here:

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