The best games for the Nintendo Switch 2020 under 20 Euros

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Games for Nintendo consoles are discredited for being more expensive than the same games for Xbox or Playstation. And in fact, especially the titles produced directly by Nintendo will not be cheaper even after years.

However, there is also a wide range of games on the Nintendo Switch at a very affordable price. The best games under 20 Euros we present here.

Into the Breach

“Into the Breach” – 14.99 Euro on Amazon*

Despite the minimalistic pixel graphics and a very manageable level size, “Into to Breach” is one of the most motivating round strategy games ever. You control three mechs that you can use to defend the buildings on the map from alien attackers. On the eight-by-eight fields of large levels, you have surprisingly many tactical options, as mountains, water or lava can also make your defense difficult or easier. Here, every battle really plays out completely differently, so there is definitely a risk of addiction in “Into the Breach”.

2. Golf Story

“Golf Story” – 14.99 Euro on Amazon*

A story-heavy role-playing game with the sport of golf at the center, how is that supposed to work? “Golf Story” succeeds in getting you to know the game of golf and all its rules. At the same time, it lets you go through a very good story, during which you as a player get tasks from your coach and your teammates, dig up treasures with the golf club or even free the playing field from moles from time to time. The skills are continuously improved in role-playing style. “Golf Story” is an excellent mix of role-playing and (not quite realistic) sports simulation.

3. Fast RMX

“Fast RMX” – 19.99 Euro on Amazon*

All those who are eagerly waiting for a new “F-Zero” get an excellent replacement here.  But also all others who can do something with fast racing games will definitely get their money’s worth with “Fast RMX”. On futuristic racetracks, you’ll be able to compete with your gliders for super-fast races with your opponents, where fast reflexes are required and your adrenaline levels will soar more than once. Just together with friends, this game is a real hit!

4. Trials Rising

“Trials Rising: Gold Edition” – 16.84 Euro on Amazon*

Have you always wanted to ride a motorcycle over scaffolding at the Eiffel Tower, dare devil down cliffs or act as a living basketball player? “Trials Rising” makes all this possible. On a world map, you have access to 120 tracks during the course of the game, but they are more similar to skill courses. These are beautifully twisted and also lead you through mountains and deserts. Nothing is more satisfying than when you have finally mastered one of the countless extremely tricky passages (such as loopings or jumps). “Just one more try” is guaranteed to come to mind more than once in this game.

5. De Blob

“De Blob” – 14.68 Euro on Amazon*

“De Blob 2” – 14.73 Euro on Amazon*

This is where the player literally has to bring color to the world. “De Blob” is often described as a mixture of 3D Jump’n’Run and painting game. The game world has been taken away from all color by an evil organization, and your task is to bring the color back into the world by completing jump passages and solving smaller puzzles. You color everything you touch with your character. This results in a very colorful and colorful setting. Nevertheless, “De Blob” is also a real recommendation for adult gamers, as exploring and coloring the levels is simply fun. If you liked “De Blob”, you can also get the successor “De Blob 2” at the same price.

*We are looking for products for you that we think you like. We have affiliate partnerships, i.e. if you make a purchase via a star-marked link, we get a small commission. Our recommendations and the selection of products are not affected by this. The content is also independent of our advertising marketing. Our guidelines for journalistic independenceit can be found here:

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