DevOps automation: Explained from A to Z

Devops automation

Is your team smaller, or is it a big company you have?

Do you think DevOps can handle only a limited-sized organization? Then, it is not correct! The features of DevOps, such as DevOps automation, and collaboration, can benefit an organization of any size and scale. Therefore, when you search for DevOps company Texas for your firm, please don’t give it a second thought due to the size of your organization.

DevOps is a bigger player that takes care of tiny but essential tasks. As a result, DevOps gives your business a valuable output. DevOps enhances the business processes by making development and operations stronger. No wonder why it is growing significantly in the global market.

  • According to Markets and Markets, the DevOps market size had a value of USD 2.90 Billion in 2017. Moreover, by 2023, it is said to rise and reach USD 10.31 billion.

There are many benefits DevOps has to offer. First, it lets your business process be user-centric. Developing this practice leaves space for feedback and improvement. Also, DevOps avails of quick deployment and development. Moreover, collaboration is one more added advantage of DevOps. Apart from these benefits, one significant benefit of DevOps is DevOps automation.

What is automation?

Let us understand automation with an everyday example.

What are your daily tasks?

Let us start from when you wake up. Suppose you wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning. What will you do to make sure about getting up at that time? Maybe you will set the alarm. Say you did place the alarm on Monday. Now will turn on the same for the remaining days of the week. So now, even if you won’t fix it again on Wednesday, it will ring.


Because you regulated the task of setting the alarm with one option on your phone- you automated the alarm. This is what automation is. It is regulation. The process that takes place several times can have a single control. In business, many are routine tasks. Simple automation of these tasks can save a lot of money, time, and effort.

What is the need for automation?

As said above, automation can save time, money, and effort. When repetitive tasks are automated, they can finish in a lesser time. Also, teams performing those tasks can utilize the time for other assignments. This later reduces the need for more resources. Therefore, you can save money on resources as well. Furthermore, the efforts taken for repetitive tasks lessen. So now, teams can focus on the remaining task completion.

DevOps automation

Automation supported by DevOps reduces human assistance in many business tasks. Also, it includes feedback loops within processes for more efficient work. Automation is not a benefit but fundamental to DevOps.

The primary goal of DevOps automation is to regulate the DevOps lifecycle. In addition, another goal is to reduce the workload on manual resources. 

Why choose DevOps automation?

There are several benefits of DevOps automation. The end result is a smooth, enhanced process and productive outcomes in terms of deployment. Let us know about a few benefits of DevOps automation.

You can reduce the team size.

As earlier said, DevOps wish to reduce human interference with automation. The tasks that can be performed with minimal or no human assistance may lead to greater precision. As a result, DevOps automation reduces the requirement of large team sizes as many tasks are regulated to perform via machines or computers.

The streamlining of processes takes place.

When there are diverse customer requirements and ever-growing market trends, it is vital to streamline processes. Though all processes can not be regulated, some repetitive processes can be standardized with DevOps automation. In addition, it can standardize operational processes, workflow, and other metrics. 

Processes achieve consistency.

Consistency is the key to success! It is true even for various business processes. When there is consistency, the output of the tasks can be predicted. Further, this helps in designing the following levels of workflow. And thanks to DevOps automation, which achieves this consistency in many software applications. 

The pace of the processes is increased.

Automation can encounter errors when installed with feedback loops. Therefore, DevOps automation can have knowledge of errors well ahead of time. Further, this leads to reducing the time in correction, and each process requires less time. As a result pace of the tasks is increased. 

It is highly scalable and flexible.

In a manual process, when an additional task is there, it is highly impossible to perform it unless you have a tea or individual to work on that task. Whereas in DevOps automation, add-on tasks can be performed with additional software or hardware.

When we talk about flexibility, isn’t it easy to make software changes rather than train a team to perform the assignment? Yes, it is. Therefore, automation with DevOps can make a system both scalable and flexible.

What should you choose to automate?

The answer is to automate everything that you can!

Though you know the benefits of automation, it is vital to understand what DevOps processes one can automate. There are many factors to this question, and it may even change according to an organization’s needs. However, Keep in mind to focus on two key points-

  1. What is required to automate in the company?
  2. What are the current technical feasibilities to include the same?

Moreover, in general, there are several processes that are typical to automate. First comes continuous integration and delivery. Then even infrastructure administration and software tasting can have automation. Furthermore, you can make use of automation frameworks for effective user interaction, especially in the testing stage.

Summing it up

DevOps automation is a powerful feature. Rather many features of DevOps have great value.

  • According to a report by Strong DM, there were 83% of IT professionals who said that DevOps helped explore the greater business values in 2021.  

There are many expert Devops service providers. So you can connect with them and discuss your gig for effective DevOps incorporation in your firm.

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