Why You Should Buy Headphones?


Before buying headphones, you need to decide why you need them. For example, listening to music, watching movies on a computer, talking on Skype, playing games, using headphones for sports, for office work in the city, and many other purposes.

If you have already decided how you will use the headphones, you can determine their main parameters. Before buying, consider the main types and characteristics of headphones.

Construction and form factor (materials)

Given the design features of headphones, there are 4 main types:

  1. Earbuds are not the best option for gamers, they have some disadvantages related to the length of the wire, sound quality, and soundproofing. In addition, with active use, these headphones often fall out of the ears. Along with in-ear models, they are more designed for use with portable audio devices (smartphones, tablets, mp3 players).
  2. Over-ear headphones are the best option for gaming headsets. The design of such models implies a minimum distance from the speaker to the ear. Reliable sound isolation is provided by ear cushions that completely wrap around the ear. Most full-size headphones are heavy due to their size, but this is compensated by a soft headband. Features of the case allow you to hide the microphone in the speaker bowl.
  3. Overhead headsets are a no less comfortable option for extended use. Such models of headphones are attached directly to the ear, pressing against it with ear cushions. The sound is high quality, thanks to the large speakers and soft ear cushions. The size of the cups allows the use of external microphones that are attached directly to the ear cup. Due to the nature of the attachment, the speakers of the over-ear waterproof headset are located at a considerable distance from the ear, and accordingly, it is often necessary to increase the volume.
  4. In-ear headphones – are fixed directly in the ear canal, which provides additional sound insulation and better sound delivery. When listening for a long time, they may cause some discomfort. As well as earbuds, they are often equipped with a microphone on a cable.


The appearance of headphones is often ignored by gamers because the main thing is sound quality and comfort. But there are users who pay great attention to the design of their desktop. Some manufacturers leave the design of their models as ascetic as possible, without adding bright elements or unusual design solutions.

Keyboards and mice with customizable LED backlighting are especially popular. Some manufacturers even make it possible to display different animations and synchronize the backlight of different devices. Recently, headsets have received the same opportunity. Usually, the backlight is installed on the outside of the cups or on the headband. Both certain elements and just logos of manufacturers are highlighted. The owners of these headphones can change the brightness and color of the backlight.

Basic features in headphones

Headphones that use a USB to connect are often equipped with various PC utilities. Particularly convenient program from headset manufacturers Steelseries, Logitech, and Razer. The developers of such applications make it possible to more accurately configure various parameters:

  • Volume balance;
  • Equalizer;
  • Surround sound;
  • Microphone volume

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