What Features Should Your New Smartphone Have?

smartphone features

If you are looking to buy a new smartphone for yourself. You must search and look for all the necessary features you require in your new smartphone.

Here are some of the basic ones you never should compromise on.

Set of Smartphone features

  1. Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB). Also known as HD Voice. It is a speech technology designed to improve the sound quality of mobile devices. Extracting a higher frequency sound makes it clearer and reduces background noise.
  2.  Near Field Communication (NFC). This is a radio link for smartphones that is established between objects when they are near or touch each other. Very convenient for non-cash transactions.
  3.  modem mode. Perhaps you want to use your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modem: be a hotspot and share your internet connection with other devices. This is a handy feature if you have a large amount of data and are away from your regular home network connection.
  4.  QWERTY keyboard. It can be accessed as a virtual keyboard displayed on most smartphone touchscreens, as an extended keyboard, or as a slide-out mini keyboard, which is convenient for typing heavy text messages or for social media users.
  5.  GPS. While most smartphones support online mapping services (such as Google Maps), a dedicated GPS module with an antenna tuned to GPS satellites allows you to use your phone without a mobile phone network to find out exactly where you are. . The GPS score is only calculated using the supplied software.
  6.  Headphone connection type. A 3.5mm phone lets you use standard headphones, while a proprietary connection forces you to listen to music through special headphones, often expensive and of dubious quality. Some of the latest iOS and Android smartphones no longer have a 3.5mm jack, and only have USB Type-c and Lightning connectors.
  7.  Memory card. Mobile phones with a memory card slot have an extended memory option for storing photos, videos, and music. Keep in mind that smartphones support cards with a certain amount of memory (for example, it can be limited to 32 GB).
  8.  Two SIM cards. Relevant for those who work with two numbers. True, often the slot for the second SIM card coincides in a location with the slot for the memory card, and you have to choose whether to increase the memory of your smartphone or use two SIM cards.
  9.  Signal reception. Getting a network signal remains an important factor when choosing a smartphone, although more and more people are taking advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots for social networking. But if you’re still using your smartphone for phone calls or want to surf the internet away from Wi-Fi hotspots, you need good reception. Most likely it is 4G, also known as LTE (Long Term Evolution). This wireless receiver provides faster online performance from your mobile phone.
  10.  Function to unlock the smartphone by fingerprint, retina, or face identification.

Is Brand Important?

In principle, the brand is also one of the main selection criteria. Large brands have their own permanent audience. And often a person can become an adherent of only one brand. Just like many people would check HONOR 70 price in UK, as they are brand loyal. Thus, the logo on the case is an image story and a matter of habit. But many people exclude the possibility of purchasing a gadget with a different logo.

How much RAM is enough?

It depends on what tasks need to be solved. If you constantly solve several tasks on your smartphone at the same time (watch videos, download), then you need more RAM. If you consistently perform some tasks, then there is no expediency in large RAM. For a normal user, 4 GB is sufficient. Can be compared with gaming and office laptops. They are purchased to solve a different number of tasks.

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