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It is intriguing to know the step-by-step process of how a Gojek-like app works. Getting into the details, let us first learn a few interesting facts about the Gojek Clone app and gmwin. The on-demand app offers 82+ services from different genres like logistics & transportation, healthcare, beauty, handyman, food, etc. Another interesting fact is that this app integrates several features to make service booking and availing as easy as a pie. 

Step-by-step Workflow of Gojek Clone App 

Assuming that your user has already downloaded and installed the app from the App Store, let’s begin with the first screen that appears on the display when you click the app icon. 

Loading screen 

The application’s splash screen pops with the logo of the application for 2 – 3 seconds. It is here your company’s name, and logo will be displayed. 

Introduction screen 

The screen displays a short introduction to the app. Moreover, if your app integrates more than one language and currency, the users will be able to choose their preference here. Next, they can select the option between sign-up or sign-in. 


Assuming that the user has installed the Gojek Clone app for the first time, they must choose the sign-up option that will bring them straight to the registration screen. Users can use their phone number and social media credentials (Facebook or Gmail) to register with the app. 

After adding the phone number, they will have the option to register with a password or an OTP. The final registration steps involve entering the full name and email address. 

Home Screen 

The home screen is where the customers can find eight service categories. Depending on their need, they can select the service. The eight major categories available on the application are: 

  • Taxi booking service 
  • Online video consultation 
  • Service bidding 
  • On-demand delivery 
  • On-demand services 
  • Parcel delivery 
  • Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner 
  • lisa pemberton
  • Medical services 
goje clone app screen

Choose the desired service! 

Customers can easily choose services based on their requirements. For instance, a user has chosen the Car Wash service. They now need to set the location where they need the service. 

Book service provider 

When booking service on the Gojek Clone app, the customers can choose and book a service provider available near the desired location. Filters can be used to find a desirable search. They can now view the service provider profile and check their gallery, reviews, ratings, and charges per service. 

When they find a suitable provider, they can select the services from the same category, add special instructions, select the quantity, etc. Coming to the Checkout page, the customers can check the booking summary, apply coupons, and add the location in detail. As per requirements, the user can choose to book the service now or later. Last but not least, they can set one of the two booking locations – at the user’s location or the service provider’s location! Now, they can select a preferred payment mode (cash, credit card, or wallet) and click on done to confirm the booking. 

What happens next? 

Communicate if you want to 

App users can communicate with the provider on a voice call, the in-app chat feature, and through video calling. The video call option, however, is available only if you have booked a service with a taxi or delivery driver. 

Track the provider 

Customers can track the live location of the delivery driver or provider on the in-app map. Apart from location tracking, they can see the estimated time of arrival and the complete service timeline. 

Invoice summary and payment 

Once the service is finished and the provider marks it as “Job Complete,” the Gojek Clone app shows the invoice summary and the payment push notification. 

Provide the feedback after job completion 

Finally, the customers can provide feedback and even mark a provider as a ‘favorite,’ if they want to. 

multi-service app

Final Words: 

On the whole, the Gojek Clone app is a multi-service app that offers your customers the comfort of service booking, but also the safety from COVID-19. From doorstep delivery to one-click payments, this app is an ingenious innovation of white-labeling experts like Gojek App Clone! 

So, grab the app today!

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