How to Add PDF documents to Your App


Whether you’re uploading or creating mobile PDFs, the choice is yours in terms of how you’d like to use the PDF. Some companies put PDF books on their mobile apps to vend, while others are more interested in keeping a database of internal business attendants on a mobile interface. We suppose this new point is one that every small business should look into for spring cleaning.

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For illustration, it would be nice to have a new hand primer, and rather than publishing it out, give new workers a link for them to download on a phone.

Anyhow, the PDF anthology Content Management App is a new point from iBuildApp, and it has quite many features that come in handy for different purposes.

What’s the point of using this point?

  • It opens PDF documents in your app
  • Druggies can zoom in, suds and scroll
  • Single runner, nonstop scroll and Reading mode are each available
  • Take a PDF book and upload it to your mobile app
  • Produce your own PDF books in the app
  • Publish your own mobile PDFs

Now that we’ve had a chance to discover what the PDF anthology Content Management point does for an app, keep reading to learn about how to add a PDF, HTML, or website to your app.

Step 1 Install the PDF anthology Content Management App

Your stylish bet is to start by going to the backend of your iBuildApp dashboard. Get logged into your account, and navigate to the My Apps section. elect the Edit button once you decide on the particular app you would like to modify with this point.

Upon landing on the Edit runner, you’ll see a Layout tab that you can go to. Find the area you’d like to include the new point on and hit that particular Add point button.

This gives you a big list of the features handed. When you detect the PDF anthology Content Management option, go ahead and click to install.

You also have the option to start the installation at the point runner.

Step 2 Creating a PDF Directly in the App

The utmost of the work that goes into making a little chapter book in your app is going to be from one runner. The point is fairly simple, but we’d like to go over the three different ways of constructing a PDF book in your app.

The first one is going to be through an HTML editor. There’s nothing complicated about it since it enough much looks like what you would see in WordPress.

Click on the green Add button to get started.

This shows many options when you’re trying to decide which way is stylish for making your mobile PDF. The first button is the HTML editor. It’s the most introductory since you can name a chapter and start writing that chapter right through iBuildApp.

Feel free to bury in content from another source, or use this editor to induce little chapters of your own book. After developing a solid chapter, click on the Save button.

Step 3 Uploading PDF Chapters to the App

The alternate way to induce a viewable PDF on your app is by uploading lines from your computer. You must do this chapter by chapter, but it only takes a moment to get your lines uploaded into the app.

Step 4 Pulling Website Links to Make the PDF

Eventually, you may have some of your PDFs or other documents hosted on a website nearly. thus, another result for getting your PDFs on an app is by copying and pasting the URLs. All you have to do is hit the Save button to see the result.

Step 5 Managing the Chapters

Once you get many chapters into the mobile app, each of them is shown on the iBuildApp editor. However, go for it, If you’d like to edit one of the options. However, that’s possible as well, if you’d rather cancel one. Adobe Photoshop


There you have it! Showing a PDF on a mobile app comes in handy for everyone from authors to business people. Heck, you’ll indeed want to use it for internal purposes. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about how to make

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