Guide To Optimizing Your YouTube Videos

Guide To Optimizing Your YouTube Videos

If you are a channel administrator, the first thing you should consider is how you are going to optimize your YouTube videos. If you improve the SEO of your content, users will find you more easily, and you will get many more people to see you. In addition, you should keep in mind that it will not only benefit you on YouTube since Google currently owns the company, and you will also go up in the search engine results.

10 tips to optimize your YouTube videos

1. Define your audience.

Who do you make the videos for? It is much easier to position well for a small niche than for a mass audience. This is important to choose your keywords or keywords well since a long, and very specific phrase will always favor us. If, for example, we put “marketing” as the keyword, it will be very difficult to position, but instead, if we put “Master Inbound Marketing ” we will better reach our target.

2. Ads.

If you have resources, you can always pay ads on YouTube to come out in the top positions. The other free option is to select a video from your channel as a featured video so that it appears at the bottom of other videos with related content.

3. Put labels (or tags).

Thanks to the tags, YouTube knows what your video is about and can offer related content in the right column. You do not have to put a tag on each word, but the idea is to put a tag that contains all the keywords, which in this case would be “Master Inbound marketing.” Do not use words that are not related to your content because they do not count. And remember, you only have 500 characters!

4. Share your videos on social networks.

You should keep in mind that views are so important because of the “social proof” method: YouTube uses data from many people to determine if something is popular (in this case, likes, subscriptions, and views).

5. Make sure users see your entire video.

If users only watch the first few seconds, YouTube will interpret it as a video with lousy content, and it will drop from the rankings. This is solved by making a small introduction at the beginning of the video, telling the user what they will find so that they continue watching it.

6. Improve automatic Youtube transcripts.

Be careful what you say because Youtube is listening to you and automatically transcribes the audio of your video when you upload it. Sometimes the transcripts have errors, but you can correct them yourself because it will be much better, and you will not lose any keywords. These keywords in your transcript help you rank, so don’t take this lightly! You can see for yourself that YouTube attaches great importance to transcription: if you take a badly transcribed sentence and put it in the search engine, you will see that your video appears.

7. Put a custom thumbnail image.

YouTube randomly chooses 3 images belonging to your video so that you can select one for the thumbnail, but you can customize it. Your image has to be striking, but at the same time, it must be related to your video. Otherwise, you will get negative votes and fall from the rankings. Ideally, it should also contain a title with your keywords.

8. Try to make your videos appear in the right column as related content.

For your videos to appear, you need to put tags. But there is a little trick. You can put the same tag on all your videos, with the name of your channel or even your website address.

9. Put your keywords in the title, tags, and description.

You should always start the title with the keyword. Although sometimes you can make some variations, such as putting a “How to” at the beginning. As for the description, you have to put as many keywords as you can, but without going overboard! If you spam, youtube will penalize you.

10. Group your videos in Playlists and define a strategy to get subscribers.

With the Playlists, you will be able to organize the videos that deal with similar topics, in addition to having them play automatically one after the other. A good strategy to get likes, shares, and subscriptions to your videos is that you yourself ask users to do it in an original and fun way. Think that users are looking for entertainment in most cases, so make quality content and expand your networks.

The importance of SEO on Youtube

Creating quality content is as important as making it well positioned. If you want to increase the relevance of your website by creating a YouTube channel with related content, it is essential that you have a good understanding of SEO.

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