How On-Demand Gojek Clone App is Beneficial for Entrepreneurs?

Gojek Clone App

On-demand service businesses have gained momentum after the Pandemic. There are hardly any industries left untapped and untouched by mobile apps. Some of the popular services available on the platform belong to industries like food, transportation & logistics, healthcare, spa & wellness, fitness, education, etc. A Gojek Clone App is one of the popular digital platforms. It offers multiple on-demand services in just a few clicks. 

What are the benefits of developing and launching an on-demand app? Is it worth every penny entrepreneurs would invest? Let’s explore.

Benefits of Launching an All-in-one Super App

Entrepreneurs like nicole junkermann mary barra are massively shifting to on-demand app solutions. It is time to shed some light on the perks of multi-service apps.

1.   The latest features attract more customers!

A feature-rich mobile app is the first requirement of every entrepreneur because they want to attract new customers. The audience base of an on-demand app is vast, ranging from app users from all age groups. In other words, anyone can use your app. Hence, here are some of the best features your app must have.

  • In-app order tracking: allows customers to track the order and know the estimated delivery time.
  • Online payments: online payments are an easy way to pay for the availed services. Also, you don’t need to carry cash because you can pay via credit card or in-app wallet on Gojek Clone App.
  • Voice instructions: voice note instructions feature uses the latest voice recognition technology. The customer’s record a voice message and upload it on the app. The delivery driver will be able to listen to the instructions after picking up the order from the store or restaurant.
  • Biometric authentication login: users can log in with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning. The feature allows the users to log in without remembering usernames and passwords.
  • Facemask verification: using a facemask has become a preventive step to keep away from contracting the lethal virus. Therefore, to ensure customers’ safety, the app asks service providers to upload a selfie of them wearing a mask before starting the task.

2.   The on-demand service model improves customer satisfaction!

Make your customers feel valued because it is one of the most significant aspects to increase their satisfaction. Incorporating an on-demand service model attracts more customers as everyone wants instant delivery of stuff, be it groceries, medicines, parcels, etc. Therefore, your app with an on-demand model offering over 82 services will grow. Provide the customers with top-notch quality at market rates, and you will see your on-demand business escalate quickly.

3.   Make your brand more visible!

The Gojek Clone App enables you to improve brand visibility by adding your company’s name and logo everywhere on the app, website, web panels, KIOSK apps, etc. The more customers will see your branding, the more they would like to know about you, which is a good thing. If the customers are willing to interact with you and invest, there can be nothing better than that!

Moreover, brand awareness will help you to build trust among the customers and allow them to rely on your platform for every need, like taxi booking, hiring a plumber, ordering food, etc.

4.   Stay available for your customers 24×7

You can gain maximum benefits by offering 24×7 services to customers. Round-the-clock service is one of the primary reasons why having a mobile app is helpful. Your customers can access the services anytime they want to and get doorstep delivery.

In brief, if you respond to customers’ queries quickly and solve their problems, you’d be able to book their satisfaction level and retain them for the long term.

5.   Generate more revenue

If you sell more, you can make more money. Similarly, with the Gojek Clone App, entrepreneurs can make more money with the help of two profit-centric business models and revenue streams.

  • Business models: commission per service and membership subscription plans
  • Revenue streams: surcharges, third-party Facebook/Google in-app ads, cancellation charges

In conclusion:

On the whole, if you develop and launch an on-demand multi-service Gojek Clone App, you can gain benefits like quick business launch, easy money making, low investments, etc. So, entrepreneurs, are you ready to launch the business in 1 to 2 weeks? If yes, then white-labeling experts are waiting for your inquiry!

Get started with app development today.

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