5 Best Anime Series and Movies Available on Netflix

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1 Cowboy Bebop

This Anime series is not the latest live-action Netflix adaptation. We are referring to the original anime. Cowboy Bebop, however you view it, is a complex anime. It is similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion and features humanism themes and nihilistic views.

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Cowboy Bebop’s bounty hunter team goes into space to make a living, mostly by helping the good guys and hunting criminals. The characters’ personal growth and emotional moments are truly unique.

You can watch the entire movie in one sitting, thanks to its amazing animation and soundtrack. You should definitely check it out. Every Netflix guide should include it as one of the “best anime shows“.

2 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Everyone who uses the internet knows at least something about Neon Genesis Evangelion. There are good reasons why. The original series lasted just one year, from 1995 to 1996. However, it has continued to grow ever since.

Neon Genesis Evangelion offers more than the anime episodes. It also includes movies, reruns, and much more. To fully grasp the story, you will need to see this.

It’s not easy to explain the plot of Evangelion so we’ll just say it’s a mecha anime that deals with complicated existentialisms and emotional issues. This anime is deep and explores the danger of angels.

It is hard to overstate the influence Neon Genesis Evangelion’s had on anime and culture over the years. It is, without doubt, one of the most popular anime series, that Netflix and Animixplay have to present.

3 Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is the ideal mecha anime series for you if you love this genre. It’s possible to watch the entire show in one sitting. It is also one of the most beautiful, intense, thrilling, and beautiful mecha anime ever made. You’ll find some of the most touching moments, as well as the most exciting and wild mecha fights that you will ever see in anime.

4 Devilman Crybaby

This Netflix original is a remake of the anime of the same name. It’s an amazing adaptation of the series. It is a completely new art style that goes hand-in-hand with fluid animation.

Although it’s a primarily action anime, the plot is complex. It deals with moral issues, humanism, religion, and the consequences of your decisions. This all happens within a fast-paced plot that features incredible action scenes. It’s also quite short so you can watch the whole show in one go. Devilman Crybaby is also available on Strix APK

5 Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam is a popular anime series with so many episodes that it can be hard to keep up. You should definitely check out Mobile Suit Gundam, which is THE mecha anime of excellence. There’s more to it than cool robots and fighting.

Mobile Suit Gundam is also one of the most profound anime. It has some great political drama, characters, and stories as well as some amazing action. You should try it.


Q: What is anime?

A: Animation is a term used to describe the Japanese style of animation and art. The Japanese term for animation is “anime”, and is pronounced, “Annie May” (both similar to the English names). Japanimation, Japanime, and manga are also used occasionally. Manga is the Japanese term for animation and comic books.

Q: Can my children watch this stuff?

It all depends. Some movies are yes, such as Ponyo. Some movies, no. To find out more, read the content notes in the reviews. The box will often have information in small print at the back, including a recommendation for ages. Keep an eye on your children’s anime viewing habits, in particular when they are watching it.

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Q: Is this series/show/movie OK for somebody who doesn’t like strong language/violence/nudity/etc. ?

A: If the film or series you are interested in has been reviewed on this site, please check the content notes. These should explain the nature of the material. You can ask us directly or in the forums if it isn’t reviewed here.

Q: When and who created anime?

A: “Anime”, the art form we now refer to as doesn’t have an exact birth date and wasn’t created by anyone. Tezuka Osamu, who was either the first or one of the first to use the big-eyed anime style, is often referred to as the “father” in anime. In 1947, he began creating comics. They were very popular and, at the start of 1963, Tetsuwan Atomu, also known outside Japan as Astro Boy, began airing. It is widely considered to be the first animated anime production. Although the animation was first produced in Japan in 1917, the style was not what we now call anime.

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