Benefits of masturbation and How it helps to increase sex time

benefits of masturbation

You might have heard that masturbation is harmful, causing hair to grow in strange places, causing infertility, shrinking your genitalia, or causing you to develop an addiction once you begin. None of it is accurate, and there seem no side effects of masturbation when done within the limit. Masturbation is neither unhealthy nor harmful. Indeed, masturbation might benefit your mental and physical well-being. And that is essentially the safest kind of sexual activity possible. There are health benefits of masturbation which we will discuss in the following section. Yet, at a point, excessive masturbation can cause a problem. 

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How Much Masturbation Is Excessive?

Some individuals engage in masturbation daily, or perhaps several times each day. Further, some individuals engage in masturbation once per week, once per few weeks, or sometimes. Some individuals never engage in masturbation, which is also acceptable. These are all normal. 

However, masturbation is only “too much” when it interferes with one’s career, commitments, or social activities. So this troubles you, you may choose to consult with a therapist or counselor.

So now, let’s check out the benefits of masturbation which you might be unaware of. 

Health Benefits Of Masturbation

1. Helps men with premature ejaculation

Sex therapists worldwide have discovered that men experiencing premature ejaculation while engaging in sexual activity might benefit from masturbating around two hours before sexual activity. So this allows them to engage in sexual activity for a more extended period before ejaculating again. So, this is among the best benefits of male masturbation since now PE won’t interfere the intercourse, and you can, and your partner may enjoy the sex better. 

2. It enhances your mood

Masturbation releases a variety of feel-good neurochemicals, including dopamine and oxytocin, which improve mood, increase pleasure, and stimulate the brain’s reward pathways. Moreover, orgasms are the most excellent non-drug source of dopamine and have several positive health effects. So in case of workload is causing you stress, you might choose to masturbate since the benefits of daily masturbation can help enhance your mood. 

3. It promotes better sleep

So among the benefits of masturbation includes better sleep. Several ways to increase your sleep quality include consuming certain foods or engaging in Yoga or meditation. However, masturbation may also be beneficial: during an orgasmic state, the brain produces hormones related to sensations of enjoyment and relaxation. So the next time you have trouble sleeping, you might try doing so. 

4. Enhances sperm motility 

Research has discovered that masturbating may enhance sperm quality and motility. Theoretically, a male who masturbates before sexual activity discharges residual sperm from the semen-transporting tubules. So this opens the path for ‘better’ sperm to be expelled during the sexual act, increasing the likelihood of pregnancy and enhancing your health

5. Stress management

Among the other benefits of masturbation includes stress management. So masturbation may help in stress management due to the production of feel-good chemicals called oxytocin. Further, it may also help in depression. 

6. It may help men stay longer in bed

For individuals with penises, masturbating before intercourse with a partner could sometimes assist the sexual encounter in enduring longer. So this is because it takes longer to masturbate on the second attempt. However, this is not certain for everyone since all bodies are different.

7. No risk of STIs

People are afraid of sexually transmitted infections. Whereas there is always a chance of contracting these illnesses via unsafe intercourse, it is always recommended to use protection when engaging in sexual activity with a partner(s). One of the greatest benefits of masturbation is that individuals need not worry about contracting an STD and can thus take pleasure in peace.

8. Helps relieve menstrual cramps in women

Women throughout the world are living evidence that menstruation cramps are extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable. Women have used a variety of remedies to alleviate severe cramps for decades. You may be surprised to learn that the benefits of female masturbation not only provide a pleasurable sensation but may also relieve menstruation cramps. The production of the endorphin hormone in the blood alleviates menstrual pain, decreases stress, and lessens cramp-related discomfort.

Benefits Of Masturbation For Increasing Sex Time

Masturbation may enhance sex for both partners, but let’s not leap to conclusions.

Apparently, stimulating the penis or vagina is an excellent method for figuring out what excites you. Regular masturbation might also help men increase sexual endurance. You may anticipate ejaculation during penis-vagina sex if you discover that merely a few moments of manual stimulation induces it. Further, masturbation teaches men how to possibly increase pleasure and prolong their lovemaking, which is important for men with PE, as mentioned above. So this is possible by pressing the tip of the penis slightly beneath the head before ejaculating, which can have excellent outcomes while engaging in sexual activity with a partner.

Further, masturbation may help you learn more about your body since it lets you know more about your body from a sexual perspective, and you can communicate this to your partner. Moreover, among the other benefits of masturbation is high libido.


So these were the benefits of masturbation for both men and women. Although masturbation has benefits, avoid getting addicted to it. In case you face any male sexual concerns like trouble getting or maintaining an erection or controlling ejaculation, then IASHIndia’s best sexologist in Jaipur is here to assist you. 

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