Tchibo now sells a camper van, which is also a houseboat

A floating motorhome is not necessarily the profession of the Hamburg dealer for coffee and household items. Only the fully automatic coffee machine and the two kilograms of coffee beans that are available for the purchase of the “Caravanboat” on top of this are a reminder of this.

The caravan-boat combination was developed together with Deutsche Composite GmbH and is available in two different sizes. On the usable area of about 16.45 and 18.8 square meters, there is enough space for four sleeping places a kitchen with gas stove, sink, shower, a fridge-freezer and other extras.

The residents look forward through a large panoramic window, at the rear there is a half-covered terrace with seats. In addition, the roof is walkable and can also be converted into an open-air seating area.

The amphibious vehicle has a six-digit purchase price

The houseboat can be driven with a standard 15 hp engine – which is not included in the price – without a boat license. Those who have a driver’s license can also operate the boat with more horsepower. The amphibious vehicle is pulled by a normal car with four-wheel drive and corresponding train load.

All this luxury has its price: after deducting a discount, the small version costs a proud 99,998 euros, the big version even 109,998 euros. The price includes a 1,000 euro voucher for special accessories such as the required engine – as well as the aforementioned coffee machine plus beans.

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