Speakers on aldi: these alternatives are better

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Aldi has a pretty attractive speaker offer until August 16, 2020. So you can use the multiroom speaker in the online shop of the discounter Medion Life P61142* for only 77.59 euros. The loudspeaker costs 116.93 euros, so you can save 39.34 euros or around 30 percent. But is the loudspeaker also a good thing?

What can the Medion Life P61142 do?

Medion Life P61142 – €77.59 at Aldi Nord

The multiroom speaker is traded as an alternative to the Sonos One, a popular (and significantly more expensive) speaker. But it can’t really accommodate the cheap model with the speaker flagship. So, according to internet reviews, it has a weak bass. In addition, the operation via app is rather cumbersome. Added to this is the rather old-fashioned design with the side panels made of wood (which are available in different colours). If you only reach a little deeper into your pocket, you get significantly better speakers with more power and functions. Examples pleasing? Here are three alternatives:

1. Sonos One

Sonos One Smart Speaker with App Control – €198.86 at Saturn*

The first alternative to the Aldi speaker is the original: the Sonos One Smart Speaker*. With a price of 198.86 Euro, it is significantly more expensive than the Medion Life P61142 – but for that you get a really good speaker with integrated voice control via Google Assistant or Alexa. So you can also use the One to get answers or check the messages. In addition, the speaker can be controlled via app or Apple Air Play. It delivers a full, rich sound – at any volume. The speaker can also be connected to other Sonos speakers, so you can also create a stereo sound or listen to the same songs in different rooms. We think the Sonos One is really worth the extra charge compared to the Medion speaker. But if you still prefer to stay below the 100.00 euro mark, we also have two cheaper alternatives for you.

2. Google Home

Google Home Smart Speaker – €84.90 at Cyberport*

The Google Home Smart Speaker* priced at 84.90 euros, which is only a few euros more expensive than Aldi’s loudspeaker offering. But you get a really reliable smart speaker with an integrated Google Assistant. Google Home allows you to control various compatible devices throughout your home, as well as get information about weather, traffic, finance, news, sports and more. The sound is in high-quality hi-fi, which should be especially important to music lovers among you. After all, the design of the Google Home Smart speaker is also much more appealing than the design of the Medion speaker, which comes with its wooden panels a bit old-fashioned. For this reason alone, we find that Google Home is the better choice.

3. Amazon Echo Plus

Echo Plus with premium sound and integrated smart home hub – €68.23 on Amazon*

Is even the Aldi offer too expensive for you? Then we have good news, because a good and cheap Bluetooth speaker is also available on Amazon. We are talking about the Amazon Echo Plus*, a versatile smart speaker at a low price. You only have to pay 68.23 Euros for the Echo, which offers you premium sound and many smart functions. This allows you to control and operate compatible smart home devices – conveniently via Alexa voice control. Alexa also answers questions, reads the headlines, or calls your friends and family (using Echo devices or Alexa app). And when it comes to the sound of echo plus, you can adjust to 360-degree sound with crystal clear highs and deep basses. And thanks to the simple and modern design, your new smart speaker is also guaranteed to be no thorn in your side. No other speaker offers better value for money – certainly not the Medion model from the Aldi range.

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