[Solved] What’s win32con module in python? Where can I find it?

I’m building an open source project that uses python and c++ in Windows.
I came to the following error message:

 ImportError: No module named win32con 

The same happened in a “prebuilt” code that it’s working ( except in my computer 😛 )

I think this is kind of “popular” module in python because I’ve saw several messages in other forums but none that could help me.

I have Python2.6, should I have that module already installed?
Is that something of VC++?

Thank you for the help.

I got this url http://sourceforge.net/projects/pywin32/ but I’m not sure what to do with the executable :S

Enquirer: OscarRyz


Solution #1:

This module contains constants related to Win32 programming. It is not part of the Python 2.6 release, but should be part of the download of the pywin32 project.

Edit: I imagine that the executable is an installation program, though the last time I downloaded pywin32 it was just a zip file.

Respondent: OscarRyz

Solution #2:

pip install pypiwin32

Glyph had packed packed it until somebody sends patch to build wheels as part of pywin32 build process to close https://sourceforge.net/p/pywin32/bugs/680/

Respondent: Curt Hagenlocher

Solution #3:

Ok I stumbled here twice for installs on two machines so here is a quick link for that ressource


This is the actual download page of the project and now a readme download

Respondent: anatoly techtonik

Solution #4:

If you have pywin32 installed you can do in python 3.7+

import win32.lib.win32con as win32con
Respondent: Eric

Solution #5:

Note that the Pywin32 download page contains installers for version 2.6 (i386 and AMD64). The ActiveState distribution is a single installer that includes pywin32 – currently at version 2.5.2.

Respondent: Thomas Webber

Solution #6:

The PyWin32 download references including project references are found in the pypi registry.

Respondent: gimel

Solution #7:

navigate to: C:Python27Libsite-packageswin32lib and copy the win32con.py file into your project directory.

Respondent: Jerome Anthony

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