[Solved] Using InstaLoader in Python module

I am trying to download photos related to a hashtag for image analysis using Instaloader. I found a comprehensive way in GitHub repository, how to execute it in Terminal.

However, I need to integrate the script in Python notebook.

Here is the script: $ instaloader --no-videos --no-metadata-json --no-captions "#streetart"

I tried this:

import instaloader
loader = instaloader.Instaloader()
loader.download_hashtag('amg', max_count=20)

But I could not find a way to filter the results to return pictures only as output. Can anybody help me please?

Many thanks in advance.

Solution #1:
import instaloader

loader = instaloader.Instaloader(download_videos=False, save_metadata=False, post_metadata_txt_pattern='')
loader.download_hashtag('streetart', max_count=20)
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