[Solved] use grid.arrange over multiple pages or marrangeGrob with a layout_matrix

i want to arrange plots with the following layout_matrix over multiple pages.

enter image description here

rep. e.g.


layout <- rbind(c(1,2,3,4),
p <- list()
for(i in 1:15) {
    ifelse(i %% 5 > 0,
        p[[i]] <- ggplot(mtcars, aes(wt, mpg)) + geom_point() + ggtitle(paste("plot:",i)),
        p[[i]] <- tableGrob(mtcars[5:7,],rows = NULL)

if i have only one page: (easy)


if i want multiple pages: (i loose all my pattern)


pls help me with a general solution to have a layout_matrix on multiple pages.

Solution #1:

this seems to work,

marrangeGrob(grobs=p, nrow=1, ncol=5, layout_matrix=layout)

(admittedly by chance)

marrangeGrob is just a thin wrapper around a for loop and grid.arrange, so in case you need something more refined than this lucky workaround you should probably modify the code to your needs.

Respondent: baptiste

Solution #2:

Made my own function, that makes multiple grid.arrange files with layout and then marrangeGrob it into a multipage object.

m.grid.arrange <- function(p,topnames,layMat) {
    pdf(file = NULL) #invisible
    plotsPerPage <- length(unique(na.omit(c(layMat))))

    ml <- lapply(1:ceiling(length(p)/plotsPerPage), function(page_IND){
        ind <- (1+((page_IND-1)*plotsPerPage)):(page_IND*plotsPerPage)
        grid.arrange(grobs = p[ind], layout_matrix = layMat,top=topnames[page_IND])

    dev.off() #invisible

Then use:

ml <- m.grid.arrange(p=p,topnames=c("1 label","2 label","3 label"),layMat = layout)
ggsave("gridMeHard.pdf",width = 297, height =  210, units = "mm", ml)
Respondent: Andre Elrico

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