[Solved] Uploading App Bundle to Google Play stuck in processing

I signed the app bundle with a generated key using the android studio developer built in tool. I also opted into google play key signing. When I upload the app bundle to the release, it says

“Google Play is generating and optimizing APKs from your Android App Bundle. This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your app bundle.”

But this goes on forever. My bundle is only around 2 MB. Is this normal?

Enquirer: dumbkam


Solution #1:

There seem to be an issue on google’s side and it seems to be fixed now

Respondent: dumbkam

Solution #2:

This happened to me and made me stuck for several hours. Finally got the solution,

Make sure the Date and time of your computer is correct at the time of generating the signed APK or app Bundle.

Basically it causes the the certificate to get rejected by Google server, and due to some kind of bug on Google side, the error is not reported to user when user upload App bundles, but it report back error in case of apk upload

Respondent: Saurav Kumar

Solution #3:

I have seen these same symptoms with a different cause, which is what brought me to this question, so I’m offering another potential cause and answer, for others who encounter the situation I did.

That is, I uploaded an APK and when it reached 100% it said “processing…” and stayed in that status forever.

I researched and found this answer, but in my case it was not a temporary problem. Another user mentioned that he had determined that this also happens when posting a 64-bit APK for a release before a 32-bit APK version. Posting the 32-bit APK first works, but when I post a 64-bit APK first, it sits “processing…” forever.

Respondent: Dronz

Solution #4:

Change your internet connection. I have the same problem too, I’ve tried using mobile data, wifi in my home but still have the same problem. And then I’m using wifi at my campus, it’s so fast and finally I can upload my app bundle without stuck at processing status.

Respondent: bl4ckck

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