[Solved] “Unable to find Protobuf include directory” when I use “pip install mysql-connector”

I get this error when I try to load using pip install mysql-connector. I tried pip install Protobuf too but no solution.

# Python architecture: 64-bit
# Python ARCH_64BIT: True
Unable to find Protobuf include directory.

Solution #1:

I found this useful:

pip install mysql-connector==2.1.4 is obsolete. pip install mysql-connector-python is suggested.

Respondent: Partha Sen

Solution #2:

The official package name of MySQL Connector for Python is mysql-connector-python:

pip install mysql-connector-python

And mysql-connector is a fork package, and is stopped updating, so

pip install mysql-connector

will install this obsolete version.

Respondent: YaOzI

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