[Solved] Ui-Router $state.go inside $on(‘$stateChangeStart’) is cauzing an infinite loop

I’m trying to introduce login into the way the user navigates accross the application.

I pretend to redirect the user to the page were he was before he navigate to the login page if that page meets specific requirements

Preventing the event from the $stateChangeStart stop’s the state change like expected but when i run the $state.go(‘into_somewhere’) i enter an infinit loop

My angular version is 1.3.1 and the ui-router is the latest

.factory('RouteHistory', function ($rootScope,$log, $state, Auth, $urlRouter, $timeout) {

    // after the user enter a page
    var currentState = '';

    // when the user is trying to access a page that he has not permissions
    // or that requires the user to be logged in
    var pendingState = '';

    var isMenuTogglerVisible = false;
    var skipFromStateVal = true;

    $rootScope.$on('$stateChangeStart', function(event, toState, toParams, fromState, fromParams){


      if (toState.name == 'login' && fromState.name != 'login'){
        $log.log('Ui-router: changing to login');
        // $urlRouter.sync();
        //pendingState = fromState;
        //$log.log('Peding state updated to:' + pendingState.name );

      if (fromState.name == 'login' && Auth.isLoggedIn()) {
        $log.log('Ui-router: going from login');
          // $state.go('home', null, {/*reload: true, location: 'replace'*/});

        'toState': toState,
        'toParams': toParams,
        'fromState': fromState,
        'fromParams': fromParams


    return {

Enquirer: Lothre1


Solution #1:

In general I would say, let’s redirect ($state.go()) only if needed. In other cases, get out from the event listener:

if (toState.name === 'login' ){
  // doe she/he try to go to login? - let him/her go

   // is logged in? - can go anyhwere

// else

This is simplified logic, but shows, that we should change to execution only if needed. There are some other examles with more detailed implementation and plunkers:

As provided in the comment, there was plunker, which I changed like this here

// three new lines
if (toState.name === 'specialRoute'){

if (fromState.name=='route1'){

And this is not looping anymore. Please, check it here

Respondent: Radim Köhler

Solution #2:

You should use the notify option :

$state.go('your.state',{ your params },{notify: false});

This will prevent stateChangeStart to fire again.

Respondent: Rémy DAVID

Solution #3:

This answer helped me:

$urlRouterProvider.otherwise( function($injector, $location) {
            var $state = $injector.get("$state");

Why does AngularJS with ui-router keep firing the $stateChangeStart event?

Respondent: Andi Giga

Solution #4:

I simply used $location.path('every/where') instead of $state.go('every/where')

🙂 .

Solution #5:

The infinite loop is partly caused by

if (toState.name == 'login' ...) { $state.go('login'); ...

..which says if you’re going to the login state, then go to the login state.

…And calling event.preventDefault() as the first line in the event handler doesn’t help. When you use go() to go to the login screen (or anywhere else), that state change is also prevented by event.preventDefault(). It should only be used within an if.

Your entire $stateChangeStart handler should instead be…

if (!Auth.isLoggedIn() && toState.name != 'login') {
    Auth.desiredState = toState.name;

…which reads naturally. “If you’re not logged in and you’re not already going to the login screen, then stop what you’re doing, I’ll remember where you wanted to go, and you now go to the login screen.”

Later your Auth object will issue a $state.go(Auth.desiredState) when it’s satisfied with the user.

Respondent: Ron Newcomb

Solution #6:

It works for me, Below code helps to get rid of infinite loop

  let firstPass = true;
  $scope.$on('$stateChangeStart', function(event, toState, toParams) {
    if ($scope.addForm.$dirty && firstPass) {
      ConfirmationDialog.openNavigateAwayConfirmationModal().then(function () {
        firstPass = false;
        return $state.go(toState, toParams);
      firstPass = true;
Respondent: user3741852

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