[Solved] teradata sql pivot multiple occurrences into additional columns

I have something like this:

ID      Result
1       value1
2       value1
2       value2
3       value1
4       value1
4       value2
4       value3

And I’d like to return something like this:

ID      Result1      Result2      Result3
1       value1
2       value1       value2
3       value1
4       value1       value2       value3

I’ve searched on pivots and concats and breaks and I just can’t find a simple, sensible solution.


Solution #1:

Unfortunately Teradata doesn’t have a PIVOT function but you can use an aggregate function with a CASE expression to get the result.

select id,
    max(case when seq =1 then result end) result1,
    max(case when seq =2 then result end) result2,
    max(case when seq =3 then result end) result3
    select id, res, row_number() over(partition by id order by result) seq
    from yourtable
) d
group by id
order by id;

If you have more values for each ID, then you can add more CASE expressions.

Respondent: Taryn

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