[Solved] Target class [App/Http/Controllers/Auth/LoginController] does not exist

I want to use Facebook Api.
my web.php file:


use IlluminateSupportFacadesAuth;
use IlluminateSupportFacadesRoute;
use AppHttpControllersMembersController;
use LaravelSocialiteFacadesSocialite;
use AppHttpControllersAuthLoginController; 

Route::get('login/facebook', 'App/Http/Controllers/Auth/[email protected]');
'App/Http/Controllers/Auth/[email protected]leProviderCallBack');

my LoginController which is in in AppHttpControllersAuth

namespace AppHttpControllersAuth;

use AppHttpControllersController;
use AppProvidersRouteServiceProvider;
use IlluminateFoundationAuthAuthenticatesUsers;
use LaravelSocialiteFacadesSocialite;
use IlluminateSupportFacadesRoute;

class LoginController extends Controller
use AuthenticatesUsers;

protected $redirectTo = RouteServiceProvider::HOME;

public function __construct()

public function redirectToProvider() 
    return  Socialite::driver('facebook')->redirect();

public function handleProviderCallBack()
    $user = Socialite::driver('facebook')->user();


in browser i got error Target class [App/Http/Controllers/Auth/LoginController] does not exist.

can anyone help me?

Enquirer: Leo


Solution #1:

You use a forward / instead of a backslash in your route controller namespace:

'[email protected]');

change the slashes for both routes and clear the cache using php artisan route:cache

If you are using Laravel 8 Tim’s comment is the right syntax:

use AppHttpControllersAuthLoginController;  
Route::get('login/facebook', [LoginController::class,'redirectToProvider']);
Respondent: Gert B.

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