[Solved] “SyntaxError: non-keyword arg after keyword arg” Error in Python when using requests.post()

response = requests.post("http://api.bf3stats.com/pc/player/", data = player, opt)

After running this line in the python IDLE to test things i encounter the syntax error: non-keyword arg after keyword arg.

Don’t know whats going here.

player and opt are variables that contain a one word string.

Solution #1:


response = requests.post("http://api.bf3stats.com/pc/player/", opt, data=player)

You cannot put a non-keyword argument after a keyword argument.

Take a look at the docs at http://docs.python.org/2.7/tutorial/controlflow.html?highlight=keyword%20args#keyword-arguments for more info.

Respondent: John Brodie

Solution #2:

It should be something like this:

response = requests.post("http://api.bf3stats.com/pc/player/", data=player, options=opt)

Because you can not pass a non-keyword argument (opt) after a keyword argument (data=player).

Respondent: MostafaR

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