[Solved] sqlite3: command not found Python 3 on Windows 10

I installed Python 3.6.5 on Windows 10. I see that there is a sqlite3 folder in …PythonPython36Lib directory. I added Python PATH to environment variable. However, I can’t run the command “sqlite3” from Powershell nor Git Bash. It would say “command not found”. What did I do wrong?

Solution #1:

Python’s sqlite library probably is installed. Try: import sqlite3 in the Python shell.

If you want to be able to use sqlite’s CLI program, you need to install it.

Download here. Use the Windows version obviously.

Respondent: s2000coder
Solution #2:

Check the permissions of the folder where python3 is installed, it may be that when using powershell you do not have the necessary permissions to access them.

It is always highly recommended to install python3 in a route WITHOUT SPACES

like a:

Respondent: Ozzy Walsh
Solution #3:

So, apparently Sqlite3’s CLI does not come installed with Python (Python 3.6). What comes pre-installed is Python’s Sqlite3 library.So, you can access the Sqlite3 DB either through the library, or by manually installing Sqlite3 CLI.

Respondent: HerberthObregon
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