[Solved] Remove array item from localstorage

I have an array i stored(parsed it as json) in localstorage.
I got it back into an object, removed some items from it and i need to update the key with the new values in the local storage.

var counter = [0,1,2];
var count = counter[0];
var questions = localStorage.getItem('questions');///questions had been stored in local storage with another function
questions = $.parseJSON(questions);

if (questions != 0){
    var options = (questions[count]['options']);
    options.forEach(function (item) {
    var index = counter.indexOf(1);
    questions = questions.splice(index, 1);
    counter = counter.splice(index, 0);

Now, when i remove the question key from the local storage, the whole question array is deleted, however, i only need to delete the particular question array that was passed.

Solution #1:

Instead of deleting the key, just set it again with the new questions array:

questions.splice(index, 1);
localStorage.setItem('questions', JSON.stringify(questions));
Respondent: tenhsor

Solution #2:

Don’t use removeItem() that as the name says removes the whole item from localStorage. Just do another setItem() to overwrite the old data.

Also you do:

questions = questions.splice(index, 1);

That is going to remove element(s) from the array and return them. questions will then be the removed element(s) and not your modified array. By your question you just want the modified array. So just do the splice() without the assignment

So your end code would be:

questions.splice(index, 1);
Respondent: Patrick Evans

Solution #3:

You need to just reuse the localStorage you have before. It will automatically update the previous one stored. Use this immediately after the delete method.

localStorage.setItem('questions', JSON.stringify(questions));
Respondent: Dosunmu Afeez

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