[Solved] PyCharm asks for python interpreter every time project is loaded

Rather frustratingly, every time I load up an existing project or create a new one – it complains there is no interpreter selected and I have to provide the path to it.

There is nothing unusual about my python installation, it’s sat in C:/Python27/ as you would expect. It always used to work, but the last few weeks something has changed.

I’m running Win7. PATH system variable points to C:/Python27/ as it ought to.

If I crack open commandline, the python command opens as it ought to.

Any ideas?

Enquirer: Oliver


Solution #1:

Setting the IDE default interpreter fixed the problem, as Vadim mentioned. Found instructions on how to do that here.

File | Default Settings | Project Interpreter.

This configuration sets the default interpreter for the new projects,
note the Default Settings menu, it’s not the same as File | Settings
which sets options for the current project.

Not entirely sure why the default was unset, but at least now I can set it back again. The project default setting was being forgotten as well which is curious, but a problem for another day.

Thank you SO for helping to solve a problem in 14 minutes, which would have taken half a day trawling through the web or waiting for supporting requests.

Respondent: Oliver

Solution #2:

There is no Default Settings any more, It’s called Preferences for New Projects in the newer versions of PyCharm (my version is 2018.3.3).

For that, go to :

File > Preferences for New Projects > Project Interpreter

enter image description here

Respondent: mounirboulwafa

Solution #3:

You can easily do it by going to File > Setting for New Projects > Project Interpreter:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Respondent: Alon Eilat

Solution #4:

On Mac: File > Preferences for New Projects.

enter image description here

Respondent: danielhadar

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