[Solved] Purpose of the parameters XXMaxPermSize, vmargs, Xms and Xms in eclipse.ini, what do they do

I was developing an App. I had to modify my eclipse.ini so I wanted to know the purpose and meaning of these parameters XXMaxPermSize, vmargs, Xms and Xms, in order to correctly use them.
I am using eclipse 3.8 on ubuntu 14.04, with java 7.


Solution #1:

Like Greg says, everything after -vmargs are VM args which are supplied to the JVM when an application starts. -Xmx is the maximum heap size, -Xms is the initial heap size, and the launcher.XXMaxPermSize is presumably an argument to the eclipse executable. This increases the size of the permagen space. I suspect this argument only really works pre java 8, as permagen was eliminated in 8.

Respondent: Mohammed Ali

Solution #2:

Java official documentation will help you

Respondent: Mark W

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