[Solved] PHPExcel setCellValueByColumnAndRow() to datetime cell format

Hi can somebody tell me how to set phpexcel cell format to datetime if I have datatime in php variable? I use it this way but it is only string:

$list->setCellValueByColumnAndRow( ++$column, $row, $survey->task->closed->format(DateTimeUtils::DATE_FORMAT_NO_SPACES) );

Now I have this code:

$list->setCellValueByColumnAndRow( ++$column, $row, PHPExcel_Shared_Date::PHPToExcel( $survey->task->closed ) )

but it sets the cell format to number and date seems in result like float number 43098.4755671296

Enquirer: ?amo


Solution #1:

It seems the fluent call getStyle() does not work and should be called getStyleByColumnAndRow() instead on excel sheet object.

$activeSheet->getStyleByColumnAndRow( $column, $row, $survey)->getNumberFormat()->setFormatCode( PHPExcel_Style_NumberFormat::FORMAT_DATE_DDMMYYYY );

I am confused and don’t understand what is the difference between getStyle() and getStyleByColumnAndRow().
If somebody knows let me know.

EDIT: There is fourth parameter in setCellValueByColumnAndRow() method which determines return value. Fluent getStyle() needs to set it to TRUE.

Respondent: ?amo

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