[Solved] Link on a webpage to open instagram app

Is there a way to setup a link on a webpage, so that it tries to open the instagram app. (if it’s installed)?

I’m trying to do this for a responsive website so I’m not in another “app”.

This does not work:

    <a href="instagram//:media?id=434784289393782000_15903882">instagram://media?id=434784289393782000_15903882</a>

EDIT: I’ve corrected the typo as suggested in the answers and tested on iPhone. Work fine! Thanks @Krisrak! But I’m testing on Android Galaxy Nexus and it does not work. I see 2 messages, first “You must log out in order to reset your password.” then it fades out and I see another saying “Sorry, we weren’t able to load that link.”.


Solution #1:

You have a typo the href should be :// not //:

<a href="instagram://media?id=434784289393782000_15903882">instagram://media?id=434784289393782000_15903882</a>

Respondent: Sébastien Richer

Solution #2:

1st Method

<a href="http://instagram.com/_u/{USERNAME}/">Link to Instagram Page</a>

  • Ask user to select application to launch with

2nd Method

<a href="https://www.py4u.net/discuss/instagram://user?username={USERNAME}">Link to Instagram Profile</a>

  • If user installed instagram application : Directly launch page with native application
  • If user not installed instagram application : Do nothing

Tested on Android 4.4 Chrome

Respondent: krisrak

Solution #3:

For browsers in android, if you want to link to a specific instagram page, try this:

<a href="http://instagram.com/_u/USERNAME/">visit our instagram page</a>

Solution #4:

For Android, you can try use this ( both for Chrome and Android’s browser)



<a href="intent://instagram.com/_n/mainfeed/#Intent;package=com.instagram.android;scheme=https;end"> test open Instagram ANDROID</a>
Respondent: Koushan

Solution #5:

Try this :

Works 100% <a href="https://www.py4u.net/discuss/instagram://user?username=untitled.tiff">untitled.tiff</a>


Solution #6:

Unfortunately, UC browser and Mozilla Firefox do not open native app via url, but , Chrome and default browser or htmlviewer in android does open the the native instagram android app

try following links in chrome browser(Android)/ native HtmlViewer :

<a href="http://instagram.com/p/">Open Instagram</a>
<a href="https://instagram.com/p/">Open Instagram</a>

<a href="http://instagr.am/p/">Open Instagram</a>
<a href="https://instagr.am/p/">Open Instagram</a>
Respondent: undefinedtoken

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