[Solved] Issues importing gtstreamer in python

I’ve run the windows installer, but I’m unsure how to begin using gtstreamer. The tutorials I’ve read simply instruct me to install the package and then import the module pygst, but when I try that I get an ImportError: No module named pygst.

I’ve searched my C drive. and it seems to have installed to /program files/OSSBuild/GStreamer, but I’m unsure how to access it. To date, every module I’ve installed automatically adds itself to lib/site packages or has the setup.py file. This one does not, so it’s a bit foreign to me.

How do I get up and running..?

Enquirer: Zack


Solution #1:

You may want to try editing the PYTHONPATH environment variable to include that directory (separate the paths by semicolons). Example: Add C:program filesOSSBuildGStreamer to the end C:Python27Lib;C:other-python-files-etc;C:program filesOSSBuildGStreamer

Per this answer here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/4855685/1124529

Also, you may want to check to make sure that in that GStreamer folder there is a file called pygst.py since that is how the module will look. If not, you may have downloaded the wrong thing.

Respondent: Los Frijoles

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