[Solved] Is there a windows installer (wubi) for Ubuntu 15.04?

Is there a windows installer (WUBI) for Ubuntu 15.04? I found one on the installation CD but it says that’s its for Ubuntu 14.04.

Enquirer: luke1985


Solution #1:

Quoted from https://gameplayjdk.wordpress.com/2014/04/19/ubuntu-the-big-mystery-about-wubi-explained-19-04-2014/

Canonical has stopped the official support and promotion of wubi for
all Ubuntu versions past 12.10. But wubi got shipped until 13.10 on
releases.ubuntu.com and is still shipped as part of the .iso images
for the future ubuntu releases (verified for 14.04 &<), where it’s
functionality is limited to a prompt which tells you to burn the image
onto a DVD and restart and boot your PC from CD-Drive.

Respondent: Maythux

Solution #2:

The answer is no. There is no wubi in new Ubuntu releases.

If you want to install Ubuntu into Windows, you can use Virtualbox instead.

Respondent: Pilot6

Solution #3:

You can use whatever old version of Wubi to install Ubuntu (e.g. 12 or 14), then

sudo do-release-upgrade -p

(even more times) until you reach the current version.

Respondent: Hydra Starmaster

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