[Solved] Is it bad to hotlink jQuery from jquery.com?

This will probably get a pretty nasty response, but my server isn’t the fastest at the moment, and my site loads much faster if I hotlink from the jQuery homepage so they server the content. Is this bad to do? Does jQuery eventually remove those js files from their page?

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Solution #1:

Better hotlink it from Google API libraries.

Very big advantages:

  • Google is fast and highly available
  • Separate hosts, allows the client to load JQuery simultaneously with your pages and images (browsers support only a limited number of connections per host)
  • Probably even faster still, because many websites use it, so this Google version is probably in your visitor’s cache anyway.
Respondent: GolezTrol

Solution #2:

Are you using their official CDNs? (old link) A lot of people do.

I’m not sure why everyone is so quick to say Google. The above link says very specifically that you can hotlink to the jQuery CDN:

jQuery CDN (via Media Temple)

Minified version

Source version

Respondent: Nic

Solution #3:

Instead use Google’s CDN. That is what it was designed for.

Respondent: Vincent Ramdhanie

Solution #4:

if it is bad I haven’t heard about it. However you can use a CDN for better performance probably. Google and Microsoft also serve jQuery through their CDN for free.


Google’s CDN:

jQuery’s CDN:


Respondent: m4tt1mus

Solution #5:

If the library is not intended for loading from the URL, I would avoid it.

However, Google provides hosted versions:


Respondent: Yann Ramin

Solution #6:

You can use Google Libraries and link it from there : )

Respondent: citizen conn

Solution #7:

You should use Google’s hosted versions:


Respondent: fehays

Solution #8:

Yes, it is bad. For your site – it will run slower. For their site – imagine what happens if everyone used it!

Respondent: OOO ”MMM”

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