[Solved] Import OpenCV on jupyter notebook

I tried installing OpenCV on Windows 10 using pip.
I used this command-
pip install opencv-contrib-python

After that when I tried importing cv2 on command prompt, it was successfully imported-
Importing cv2 successfully through command prompt

When I tried importing it on jupyter notebook, this error popped up-
Error when importing cv2 on jupyter notebook

This is the python version I’m using-
Python version that I am using

This is pip list and as I’ve highlighted, opencv-contrib-python version is installed-
pip list

Then why can’t I import OpenCV on jupyter notebook, like tensorflow or numpy are also in pip list and I’m able to import them both through command prompt and also on jupyter notebook.

Please help. Thanks a lot.

Solution #1:

You have installed openCV in Python running on your Terminal, not into the working environment which Jupyter Notebooks is running from.

Whilst in Terminal write:

py -m pip install opencv-python

When you use pip list

You should see opencv-python

More information here.

Respondent: Michael Muttiah

Solution #2:

You should open the anaconda prompt and then type:

conda install opencv 

It should work.

Respondent: amravi shah

Solution #3:

It seems like you run jupyter not from conda environment, that has opencv module installed.
try to do this:
conda activate <your environment>

conda install jupyter
jupyter notebook

after that try to “import cv2”

Respondent: Sergey

Solution #4:

Try this in anaconda prompt:

First create a new enviorment :

conda create -n opencv

then :

conda activate opencv


conda install -c anaconda opencv


Respondent: Sankesh Dehade

Solution #5:

In the Anaconda Navigator. Launch conda console as below.
enter image description here

In the console: run conda install opencv
enter image description here

Respondent: Om Sao

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