[Solved] HTML – How to remove Zero-Width No Break Space

I have looked at both:

The issue:

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The unicode character comes in the exact same spot every time, between the .breadcrumbs and .hero divs (some of the pages do not have an .actions container in case you’re wondering).

Using Sitecore 8 (CMS). I have NO IDEA where this is coming from. It only happens on a couple of pages, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to (2) renderings. I followed the advice in one of the (2) blog posts above, and copied the HTML out of my VS, into Notepad++, and re-copied it out of Notepad back into VS. However this is not working, therefore this leads me to believe that somehow this unicode is coming from the CMS.

My question:

This site is about to go into production very soon (couple of days now), and I need a quick fix (or this could be the only fix).

  1. Would it be optimal (time wise, etc) to check if the page contains
    these (2) elements, .hero and .breadcrumbs, and then strip out
    the unicode character?
  2. Do I search for the text,  or something else? (ie –
    U+FEFF, etc)
  3. Another way that I’m not thinking of

Solution #1:

In my case, I opened up all files that I thought were be an impact into Notepad++, then on each file (in Notepad++), I changed the encoding to Encode in ANSI. One of the files had some hieroglyphics on top (line 1). Removed that and saved back to normal encoded state.

Respondent: Rob Scott

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