[Solved] How to update multiple columns in mysql using php

Here i am trying to update update multiple column values in mysql table using php.

$product_id = mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $_POST['product_id']);
$product_name = mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $_POST['product_name']);
$product_category = mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $_POST['product_category']);

$sql = "UPDATE product_list (product_name, product_category, product_price,product_description,product_size_category) VALUES ('$product_name', '$product_category', '$product_price', '$product_description', '$size_category')";

i have 5 column values to be updated in table, i am using variable to save data and using that variable want to update the values in table how can i do that?

Enquirer: CJAY


Solution #1:

 $sql = "UPDATE `product_list` SET 
       `product_name` = '$product_name', 
       `product_category` = '$product_category', 
       `product_price` = '$product_price', 
       `product_description` = '$product_description', 
       `product_size_category` = '$size_category' 
  where clause..... (if required) ";
Respondent: Shailesh Katarmal

Solution #2:

Try like this :

$sql = "UPDATE product_list SET product_name="".$product_name."",product_category='".$product_category."',product_price="".$product_price."",product_description='".$product_description."',size_category='".$size_category."' WHERE product_id=".$product_id;

Reference : https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/update.html

Respondent: Toretto

Solution #3:

Update SQL query, see following method:

Update database_tablename SET column_name1 = column_value1 , column_name2 = column_value2

$sql = "UPDATE product_list SET product_name="".$product_name."",product_category='".$product_category."',product_price="".$product_price."",product_description='".$product_description."',size_category='".$size_category."'";
Respondent: Jakir Hossain

Solution #4:

You are mixing up query syntax between INSERT and UPDATE queries, the UPDATE syntax is ;

UPDATE TABLE SET col1 = val1, col2=val2... WHERE col1 = val

You shall use the UPDATE query as follows :

$sql = "UPDATE product_list SET product_name="$product_name", 
product_category = '$product_category' WHERE product_id = $product_id";
Respondent: KAD

Solution #5:

Your query must be something like this :

"UPDATE product_list 
product_category ='$product_category', 
where product_id='$product_id'
  1. make sure you define the variable you need like $size_category etc, cause i didn’t see it.
  2. use conditions like where to update specific record
Respondent: Rifai

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