[Solved] How to uninstall Anaconda completely from macOS

How can I completely uninstall Anaconda from MacOS Sierra and revert back to the original Python? I have tried using conda-clean -yes but that doesn’t work. I also remove the stuff in ~/.bash_profile but it still uses the Anaconda python and I can still run the conda command.

Solution #1:

To remove the configs:

conda install anaconda-clean
anaconda-clean --yes

Once the configs are removed you can delete the anaconda install folder, which is usually under your home dir:

rm -rf ~/anaconda3

Also, the anaconda-clean --yes command creates a backup in your home directory of the format ~/.anaconda_backup/<timestamp>. Make sure to delete that one also.

EDIT (v5.2.0): Now if you want to clean all, you will also have to delete the two last lines added to your .bash_profile. They look like:

# added by Anaconda3 5.2.0 installer
export PATH="/Users/ody/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"
Respondent: Jordan Baron

Solution #2:

To uninstall Anaconda open a terminal window:

  1. Remove the entire anaconda installation directory:
rm -rf ~/anaconda
  1. Edit ~/.bash_profile and remove the anaconda directory from your PATH environment variable.

Note: You may need to edit .bashrc and/or .profile files instead of .bash_profile

  1. Remove the following hidden files and directories, which may have been created in the home directory:

    • .condarc
    • .conda
    • .continuum


rm -rf ~/.condarc ~/.conda ~/.continuum
Respondent: jkysam

Solution #3:

In my case (Mac High Sierra) it was installed at ~/opt/anaconda3.


Respondent: gogasca

Solution #4:

Open the terminal and remove your entire Anaconda directory, which will have a name such as “anaconda2” or “anaconda3”, by entering the following command: rm -rf ~/anaconda3. Then remove conda with command “conda uninstall” https://conda.io/docs/commands/conda-uninstall.html.

Respondent: Laknath

Solution #5:

This is one more place that anaconda had an entry that was breaking my python install after removing Anaconda. Hoping this helps someone else.

If you are using yarn, I found this entry in my .yarn.rc file in ~/”username”

python “/Users/someone/anaconda3/bin/python3”

removing this line fixed one last place needed for complete removal. I am not sure how that entry was added but it helped

Respondent: Monika Bozhinova

Solution #6:

After performing the very helpful suggestions from both spicyramen & jkysam without immediate success, a simple restart of my Mac was needed to make the system recognize the changes. Hope this helps someone!

Respondent: jstamis

Solution #7:

The official instructions seem to be here: https://docs.anaconda.com/anaconda/install/uninstall/

but if you like me that didn’t work for some reason and for some reason your conda was installed somewhere else with telling you do this:

rm -rf ~/opt

I have no idea why it was saved there but that’s what did it for me.

This was useful to me in fixing my conda installation (if that is the reason you are uninstalling it in the first place like me): https://stackoverflow.com/a/60902863/1601580 that ended up fixing it for me. Not sure why conda was acting weird in the first place or installing things wrongly in the first place though…

Respondent: riot

Solution #8:

The following line doesn’t work?

rm -rf ~/anaconda3 

You should know where your anaconda3(or anaconda1, anaconda2) is installed. So write

which anaconda


output: somewhere

Now use that somewhere and run:

rm -rf somewhere 
Respondent: Charlie Parker

Solution #9:

This has worked for me:

conda remove --all --prefix /Users/username/anaconda/bin/python

then also remove from $PATH in .bash_profile

Solution #10:

Adding export PATH="/Users/<username>/anaconda/bin:$PATH" (or export PATH="/Users/<username>/anaconda3/bin:$PATH" if you have anaconda 3)
to my ~/.bash_profile file, fixed this issue for me.

Respondent: evagreen

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