[Solved] How to remove default example dags in airflow

I am a new user of Airbnb’s open source workflow/datapipeline software airflow. There are dozens of default example dags after the web UI is started. I tried many ways to remove these dags, but I’ve failed to do so.

  • load_examples = False is set in airflow.cfg.
  • Folder lib/python2.7/site-packages/airflow/example_dags is removed.

States of those example dags are changed to gray after I removed the dags folder, but the items still occupy the web UI screen. And a new dag folder is specified in airflow.cfg as dags_folder = /mnt/dag/1. I checked this dag folder, nothing is there. It’s really weird to me why it is so difficult to remove these examples.

Enquirer: bronzels


Solution #1:

When you startup airflow, make sure you set:

load_examples = False

inside your airflow.cfg

If you have already started airflow with this not set to false, you can set it to false and run airflow resetdb in the cli (!which will destroy all current dag information!).

Alternatively you can go into the airflow_db and manually delete those entries from the dag table.

Respondent: jhnclvr

Solution #2:

Like others have said, you can change load_examples = False within airflow.cfg. However this requires that the cfg file already existing.

You can init the airflow DB without having to configure the cfg file by using ENV variables.

airflow initdb

See docs for more information.

Respondent: J Schmidt

Solution #3:

Before you start airflow make sure you set load_example variable to False in airflow.cfg file. By default it is set to True.

load_examples = False

If you have already started airflow, you have to manually delete example DAG from the airflow UI. Click on delete icon available on the right side of the DAG to delete it.

Click on the delete icon available on the right side of the DAG to delete it

Instead of manually deleting example DAG, you can reset your database by using airflow resetdb command but that will delete your connections and variables and other important information. Do not use airflow resetdb option in production.

Respondent: Dipak Tandel

Solution #4:

For Airflow 2.0, in docker-compose.yaml you can set AIRFLOW__CORE__LOAD_EXAMPLES: 'false' to not load them instead of editing the .cfg file.

Respondent: paradox

Solution #5:

TL;DR: check that you have only DAG files in your dags_folder — Airflow will traverse this directory recursively and try to load all .py files.

I’ve lost some time debugging similar behaviour of Airflow: even though load_examples = False, airflow was still loading tons of unnecessary stuff, including example_dags. The problem was that I was having a virtualenv directory venv/ in dags_folder, and — I was not expecting that — Airflow searches for dags recursively in the dags dir. So it was loading example_dags from the apache-airflow installed in that virtualenv.

UPD: there’s a .airflowignore file to ignore directories from dags_folder

Respondent: yartem

Solution #6:

If LDAP based authentication is turned on after airflow resetdb and restarting airflow your login window may not appear and may give an error due to cached login id ( but no password ). If this happens, clear your cache and try. If that still doesn’t work, turn off authentication, stop airflow and start. Then turn on authentication stop and start – you will be able to see login window and login with your LDAP authentication

Respondent: suresh

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