[Solved] How to increase font size in strings.xml in android

I have string which should look like below

 <string name="text">
    <![CDATA[Text in bigger font size 20.. Text in normal font size 10

Any idea or inputs whether this can be achievable? It is preferable if I use CDATA tag, but unfortunately the font tag isn’t working inside the CDATA. The font through the text remains the same even if I set the size..
I will consume this string in a TextView.

Solution #1:

<string name="text">
    <font size="20">Text in bigger font size 20..</font><font size="10"> Text in normal font size 10</font> 
Respondent: user3747512

Solution #2:

I know this question has been here for so long but seems like there is no proper answer.

In your strings.xml file you put

<string name="text">
<![CDATA[<font size="20">Text in bigger font size 20.. </font><font size="10">Text in normal font size 10</font>]]> </string>

And in your java code file
put this line

Respondent: elin

Solution #3:

Strings are strings and a TextView is a visual tool to display a string.

You should put the text size in the TextView definition in the XML


Or in the code

TextView text = findViewById(R.id.text);
Respondent: Jay Ryu

Solution #4:

Use android:textSize in the TextView tag inside your layout file


    android:layout_height="wrap_content" />
Respondent: khumche

Solution #5:

You can use a span to change font size of a portion of text.

See this answer for span code.

In your case you can set size to 10 and span with double the size for the first portion.

Respondent: Vipul Thakur

Solution #6:

Try this inside :-

Respondent: Oguz Babaoglu

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