[Solved] How do I debug a crawled/cached link without Facebook’s URL linter?

I know that once I publish a link to Facebook, a crawler will visit the link and gather information from the og meta tags and cache it. Using Facebooks debugger I can force a refresh of the cached information when I change the share image for example.

If I try to call a URL like https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object?q=http%3A%2F%2Fstackexchange.com programmatically or directly while not being logged in, a login page is returned.

Is there a resource or different link I can use to force a refresh of the content without doing it manually on a developer account?

Enquirer: juuga


Solution #1:


When an action is published, or a Like button pointing to the object
clicked, Facebook will ‘scrape’ the HTML page of the object and read
the meta tags. The object scrape also occurs when:

  • The object URL is input in the Object Debugger
  • Every 7 days after the first scrape
  • When an app triggers a scrape using an API endpoint

This Graph API endpoint is simply a call to:

POST /?id={object-instance-id or object-url}&scrape=true

Respondent: CBroe

Solution #2:

Just for reference, I wrote a WordPress plugin that does just that for published, scheduled and updated posts.


Respondent: Avishay Bar

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