[Solved] Git .netrc file authentication issue

I am using GitHub. I created a repository and cloned it on my Ubuntu machine.
I have made an entry in the .netrc file as follows:

machine https://github.com/xxx/yyy.git
login xxx

I am expecting that Git will not ask me for the username and password after this entry in the .netrc file. But Git prompts for credentials even after this.

Am I missing something?

Solution #1:

The ~/.netrc (or %HOME%_netrc on Windows) file isn’t enough.

You would need to

  • copy the git-credential-netrc.perl file anywhere in your $PATH/%PATH%,

  • add:

      cd yourRepo
      git config credential.helper "netrc -d -v"

(You can remove -d and -v once it is working: those are debug flags)

  • use your login in the remote URL:

      git set-url origin https://[email protected]/yourLogin/yourRepo

See “Git – How to use .netrc file on Windows to save user and password” for the general principle of a credential “netrc” helper (Git 1.8.3+).

Respondent: VonC

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