[Solved] Get all results from NLTK concordance

I’m using NLTK to find the concordance of a word, but I don’t know how to get all the results and put them in a list or set.

For example:


prints just the first 25 results.

Enquirer: zaki

Solution #1:



From the code, https://github.com/nltk/nltk/blob/develop/nltk/text.py#L323:

def concordance(self, word, width=79, lines=25):
    Print a concordance for ``word`` with the specified context window.
    Word matching is not case-sensitive.
    :seealso: ``ConcordanceIndex``
    if '_concordance_index' not in self.__dict__:
        #print("Building index...")
        self._concordance_index = ConcordanceIndex(self.

                                                   key=lambda s:s.lower())

    self._concordance_index.print_concordance(word, width, lines)
Respondent: alvas
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