[Solved] ‘float’ object has no attribute ‘__getitem__’ Python error

When I run the code

import numpy as np
from scipy.integrate import odeint
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Initial conditions

def f_func(eta,y_in):
    y_out = np.zeros(3)
    y_out[0] = y_in[1]
    y_out[1] = y_in[2]
    y_out[2] = -y_in[0]*y_in[2]/2
    return y_out

eta = np.linspace(0,8,100)
X0 = [0,0,0.33206]
X = odeint(f_func,X0,eta)

I get the error

 'float' object has no attribute '__getitem__'

When I run the following MATLAB program, everything works OK. The MATLAB function ode45 is equivalent to Pythons’ odeint.

main program:


global beta
beta = 1;

initial_value = [0,0,1.2322];
eta = linspace(0,4,100)
[x_out, y_out] = ode45(@falkner_skan,eta,initial_value);


falkner_skan function:

function y_out = falkner_skan(x,y_in)

global beta

y_out(1,1) = y_in(2);
y_out(2,1) = y_in(3);
y_out(3,1) = -y_in(1)*y_in(3) - beta*(1-y_in(2)^2);


This and this and this thread does not seem to give me any guidance.

Enquirer: Jonny

Solution #1:

It seems as though y_in is not a list but a float value. The error rises because you’re trying to get an item with obj[x] of an object which doesn’t support it.

Looking at the documentation for odeint it says that the input function should take two arguments, the first being your data object and the second should be a float. Your implementation of f_func is therefore wrong.

Solution #2:

NumPy has float 64 object which has item() function, np.float64(10.5).item()

Respondent: Stav Bodik
Solution #3:

I had the same issue. According to documentation for odeint, in f_func(eta,y_in), change the order of eta and y_in, i.e. write it as f_func(y_in, eta) or set the argument tfirst to be True.

Respondent: Marjan Radfar
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