[Solved] Divide multiple columns by another column in pandas

I need to divide all but the first columns in a DataFrame by the first column.

Here’s what I’m doing, but I wonder if this isn’t the “right” pandas way:

df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.rand(10,3), columns=list('ABC'))

df[['B', 'C']] = (df.T.iloc[1:] / df.T.iloc[0]).T

Is there a way to do something like df[['B','C']] / df['A']? (That just gives a 10×12 dataframe of nan.)

Also, after reading some similar questions on SO, I tried df['A'].div(df[['B', 'C']]) but that gives a broadcast error.

Enquirer: itzy


Solution #1:

I believe df[['B','C']].div(df.A, axis=0) and df.iloc[:,1:].div(df.A, axis=0) work.

Respondent: itzy

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