[Solved] Can’t click the allow button in Flash

Every time I want to enable my webcam or microphone in my browser, the regular flash screen pops up and I need click allow or deny.

However I can not click allow or deny, it is not responding to my clicks.

Does anyone know a fix ?

Solution #1:


  1. select link
  2. click never ask again
Respondent: hung
Solution #2:

When you surf to Settings Manager – Website Privacy Settings, which will bring you to the tab with the monitor with the eye on, you need to do the following:

  1. Find the site in the list and click on it..
  2. Click on Always allow.
  3. Go back to the site and refresh the page, the dialog will pop up again but this time you are able to click on the Allow button.

Tried and got it to work this way.

Respondent: Tamara Wijsman
Solution #3:

I think this is related to a problem others are having about not being able to interact with the flash player settings window, sometimes not at all and sometimes only in fullscreen.

For me, the culprit was Adblock Plus in both Chromium and Firefox. When wanting to work with a YouTube video, I disabled Adblock Plus on youtube.com, and so forth.

Respondent: user81801
Solution #4:

Hey guys I was having the exact same problem until I wrote on the adress bar chrome://plugins and then I clicked in more details located at the top right and I disabled the adobe flash player plugin and enabled the PepperFlash one but I’m using google chrome so this will only work for google chrome users.

Respondent: Joao Duarte
Solution #5:

Occasionally I found another workaround: I clicked inside the flash window, then managed to choose the settings with the «Tab» button, then pressed enter.

Respondent: Hi-Angel
Solution #6:

Open Firefox, go to Tools, go to Addons. Click on that list Adobe Flash, click dropdown menu and change Always ask to Always start. Now when you on Omegle or other flash based webcam chat etc., your cam WILL IMMEDIATELY open, without asking allow/no. If you don’t want that “black screen” see you, just block web cam at start until you are sure you want to share cam to other person. You can also block cam accessa in omegle when needed by a button in camera area.

Respondent: Namers
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